Something to Light the Sunless Winter, by Sara Beitia

It is always exciting to be sent a story from Lackington’s Magazine, and here we have one which would not let me go. When the image revealed its form, I felt like I’d miss the glow of the nest. It’s one instance where the image came fully formed and it was my task to give it form.

I just could not stop until what I was seeing gave me the same feeling reading the story did. It was an invocation of the looming unknown unlike anything I’ve encountered.


Something To Light The Sunless WinterDAY 5

Securing a berth on the Cressida’s maiden voyage is a lottery win, Asa said.

She’s not the first ship to leave the cosmic shallows around Earth, of course, but she’s the first with an all-anthro flight and med crew, and non-suspended civilian passengers. If all goes well, the Arete and the Hippolyte will follow in kind.

We’re still taking in this new situation. We suppose ourselves adventurers, though we’re really only along for a ride. Asa disapproves of my cynical framing. He’s right. It is an adventure. (But of a passive variety I must insist, if only here.)

DAY 10

We are experiments, too, it seems. Cargo to be monitored and studied as much as everything else aboard this ship.

We were outfitted prelaunch with implants to monitor blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse ox, hormonal shifts, and a gunnysack of other physiological factors. They’re fairly nonobtrusive. Neither Asa’s…

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More from the esoteric eclectic P. Emerson Williams

Extreme Chromo

Good dosage of Veil of Thorns. More coming out on Dark Europa album, by Circle’s Conspiritors and friends.

Featuring TONTTU. Miel Noir. Extreme Chromo. Choronzon. Laguz Rune and V.O.T.


Special thanks to P. Emerson Williams for Dark Europa Art & TFG for Extreme Chromo feat Miel Noir videography.

So many more to credit- will have to wait for the full release

Meanwhile, dishing up some disturbed driving guttural groove ear candy: antidote antacid for social indigestion.

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Lackington’s Magazine Issue 12 (Fall 2016)


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Lackington's Magazine Issue 12 cover art by Pear Nuallak

Lackington’s Magazine Issue 12

I’m very excited to have the latest issue of Lackington’s Magazine on my reader to explore this issue’s bestial themes. The story it was my privilege to illustrate is by Elaine Cuyegkeng, who has created something truly unique and brilliant that will persist in the mind of the reader for a long time.

Issue 12 is the bestiary we always knew we wanted. This “Animals” collection features one, perhaps two (if you squint) traditional animal tales. The other five stories are hardly the stuff of nurseries, full of shadowy creatures that creep and skitter, slink and lunge.

Hie thee hence: Lackington’s Magazine Issue 12 (Fall 2016)

Table of Contents


One General Law, by J.J. LaTourelle

The Horse Road, by John Linwood Grant

The Compassion of the Pheasant Lord, by Leena Likitalo

The First of Her Name, by Elaine Cuyegkeng

The Visit, by Subashini Navaratnam

Zoopoiesis, with Mountains, by Rhonda Eikamp

The Hedgehog and the Pine Cone, by Gwynne Garfinkle