Review of In Noctus Sol by Nathan Neuharth


Review of Nathan Neuharth’s novel In Noctus Sol.

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In noctus sol

Reviewed by Carlton Rolle

Nathan Neuharth is an author of fiction and non-fiction works of various subjects and genres including dadaism, surrealism, esotericism, supernatural horror, fantasy, and autobiographical subjects.  Blurring the line between fiction and reality.

The story revolved around a family living in a haunted house. The family is struggling in multiple areas of life and are trying to make sense of things. Candace is the lady of the house. Whenever talk of ghosts are mentioned, she casually remarks of them and continues whatever task she was doing. Her daughter, Katrina has lived in the house most of her life. She doesn’t really believe in ghosts, but has witnessed eerie things in the house. Katrina had two sons, Karl and Kurtis. Karl is the older of the two boys. They both have seen ghosts in the house and try to keep away from the spirits. Lastly there is Uncle…

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Sights, Sounds And Reading In For your Halloween Delight


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Rebellion Vol. 1 is a compilation lovingly assembled and mastered compilation brought to you by the dedicated and hard working folks at Dark Mother Media. In return for supporting their superlative efforts you get eleven tracks from quite a variety of dark and lovely artists with a beautifully designed pdf booklet with images, lyrics and artist details. I was kindly allowed to slip in an exclusive new tracks from Veil Of Thorns.


1. aeon sable – Visions
2. The Danse Society – Red Light (Shine) (2015 Mix)
3. the Machine in the Garden – Power and Prophecy (Guitarless Mix)
4. Monica Richards – The Bird and The Snake
5. Alchemist Corpse Rite – My Voice In Her Heart
6. Sirène – Chrysanthemum (Raw)
7. The Insight – Drowned
8. Veil of Thorns – Technique Of Desire (Reptile Unit Mix)
9. Red Painted Red – Two
10. Scofferlane – In The Name Of Rebellion
11. Lithos Sarcophagos – The Lost Tribe

About Dark Mother Media:

We listen and read. We review and write. We promote and play. We observe and share. We enjoy all forms of dark media and, when asked, will tell you in detail what we think about various music, games, and webcomics. We are the home of Dark Mother Radio, featuring the best variety of dark alternative, goth, industrial, doom, punk, experimental, darkwave, coldwave, deathrock, and more.

Join Verto Publishing for their month-long celebration of Halloween!

Eyes In The Glass - P. Emerson Williams 2015

Eyes In The Glass – P. Emerson Williams 2015

Gothic Tales of TerrorWith Verto Publishing’s month-long Halloween celebration you shall be treated to serial stories, poems, flash fiction, and artwork from a variety of people. As Verto Publishing so generously bring these creations to chill and delight you, they also published Gothic Tales Of Terror, a wonderful collection of atmospheric and dark tales wherein you can find some of my art.

The Kindle version of Gothic Tales of Terror is now available on Amazon!

Gothic Tales of Terror is a collection of stories and poems about love, tragedy, and the supernatural that scare without gore and envelop you in their dark, eerie mood. If you enjoy classic Victorian gothic horror, you’ll love this collection.

– See more at:

My Art In Great Company: Electric Spec, Kaleidotrope And Phantasmagoria To Come


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First off, Kaleidotrope, Autumn 2015 is here!

Hot Damn! There’s so much to dig into in this issue, and it’s most gratifying to see my art on the cover.

The Encounter - Kaleidotrope Cover Art - P. Emerson Williams

The Encounter – Kaleidotrope Cover Art – P. Emerson Williams

Fred Coppersmith, the venerable editor of Kaleidotrope, has assembled a great and fascinating journey for us in the pages of the latest edition, which can be read at The stories can also be downloaded in epub and mobi format to be loaded onto your favourite reader or tablet, which is how I curled up to delve into these stories and poems.



Merging With The watcher - Electric Spec Vol.10, Issue 3 Cover - P. Emerson Williams

Merging With The watcher – Electric Spec Vol.10, Issue 3 Cover – P. Emerson Williams

Electric Spec Volume 10 Issue 3 is out and is a doozy!

With a batch of stories that cover quite an amazing range of genre and styles, this issue of Electric Spec will give you dreams of this world, the world next door and all points in between.

  • Letter from the Editors Volume 10 Issue 3, September 10, 2015


  • “Ghostalker” by T.L.Huchu
  • “The Metal of a Man” by Travis Heermann
  • “A Dose of Aconite” by Lindsey Duncan
  • “Tried and True” by Daniel Brock
  • “Peacekeeper” by Jamie Killen
  • Special Feature: Interview with Gail Carriger
  • Editors Corner “Rex’s Last Ride” by David E. Hughes

Head on over to Electric Spec and settle in to be delighted and unsettled!


And finally, what you see above is a taste of the art that is taking over my consciousness as I work on illustrations for a print and ebook edition of Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison‘s haunting Phantasmagoria.

Be sure to check out Thomas’ latest short story – a scifi myth entitled Norns which has just been published in this month’s Esoterica Zine (Vol. 2: Plant).

“The silver ship plummets from the star-strewn stratosphere, like a phosphorescent, quicksilver meteor. At first it is but a rapidly falling point of pure white light, but its brilliant circle swells as it descends, until the hull’s metallic disk obscures a substantial swathe of sky, directly above you. It halts with impossible suddenness, some one hundred feet in the air, and hangs absolutely motionless, in perfect silence.”

“Three knowing Norns,
From the Well beneath the Tree:
Fate, Becoming and Necessity are their names.
They make laws, they choose lives,
They set our fates.”
– The Poetic Edda


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