Panic Pandemic

With Panic Pandemic, the process begun in the prior album continues and complexifies. The skeleton of the creature Psychosis Ex Machina devoured and subsumed is now transmogrified into an armature of bones on which is hung a mage-fetish, an effigy-object of sacrifice: standing for what? Western Civilization? Your inner soul? The “Revolution”? All of the above? All of the below? The reality-twister that is the artist/mage in cahoots with cohort Choronzon, madly and yet with infinite care decorates these remains with the detritus of cultural effluvia turned inside out, into caricatures and mockeries, ornaments of fear, disdain, madness and love, carrying memory-imprints of notions, persons, lives, and what happens when such are turned against themselves and drained of purity of essence. Some of these ornaments have mirrors at their centres in which you’ll see a familiar face. Stare too long into them, and you may scare yourself blind…but if you dare not look, you might just be, already.

This album release isn’t merely a bunch of “songs” but an elabourate interplay of word, sound and image, heralding the direction of Choronzon’s future, reaching out far beyond the limits imposed upon a “rock band”.

Panic Pandemic is two CDs – a double-album of moving music and noise, resisting all genre-labels, while engulfing and digesting same into itself. – The audio comes bundled with a full-colour print book by P. Emerson Williams, an accomplished artist as well as noisician, which features his artworks in both oil and digital formats, with the sort of paper quality and printing they deserve. Though it’s the size of a “coffee-table” book, it’s not just a bunch of pretty pictures. Textuality runs through and around the images: a twisting, interleaved alternation of monologue and moodscape that just might scare the living shit out of you. And you thought you didn’t scare easily? There’s a first time for everything… A rare experience, not to be missed.

Panic Pandemic / CD

Released:  2005

Label:  Foamin’ Sodomy Records / FOAMIN418

Performers:  P. Emerson Williams, Jake Stevens

Track Listing:
Disc 1

  1. Ontological Anarchism (5:52)
  2. Aesthetic Shock Tactics (3:31)
  3. Unpossessed Unpassing (4:08)
  4. Viral Linguistics (6:03)
  5. Our Cacophonous Ghosts (7:21)
  6. The TimeDeathBirth Gimmick (4:42)
  7. Body And Psyche (Dissolution) (3:46)
  8. EitherOrNeitherNeither (8:00)
  9. The Machine In Repose (4:38)
  10. Disdain Transcends (4:24)
  11. Process Of Conditioning (4:26)
  12. Human Rites (Schizoanalysis) (10:01)
  13. Aumgn (3:15)

Track Listing:
Disc 2

  1. Process Aftermath (55:32)