Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths

The first release by CHORONZON on INNER-X-MUSICK. Churning out an ever increasingly bizarre take on Black Metal and Industrial musick, ZIGGURAT OF DEAD SHIBBOLETHS is CHORONZON’s most ambitous release yet. As with every CHORONZON release since the first demo in 1986, the cover features the art of P. Emerson Williams, CHORONZON’s vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. In the past Williams’ work has also graced covers for releases by bands like SLEEPCHAMBER, Rat King, kkoagulaa, Veil of Thorns, Primordial, Katatonia and many more.

“Extreme assaults ov sharp rhythms, dark beats and atmospheres ov aggression. This releases iz a haunting extreme assault musickally fired by CHORONZON!! Who else can create such an original style ov entertainment!!!” – John Zewizz
released 11 October 2010