New World Chaos

Produced in 2005, this double album was the first collaboration of the two Choronzons as one. The entire project involved several very concentrated and protracted ritual effectuations, some of a somewhat meta-political nature, and others far more esoteric and internally-focused. Collaboration was all done via the medium of Internet and the invisible 333 Current. The two-disc work was completed hours before Hurricane Katrina went aground…making it the second Choronzon album to be followed by a major natural disaster within hours of completion.


. Ritual Actions Upon the Externum .

There\\\’s been a CHORONZON operating in San Francisco, an old-school industrial noise project (Demitria Monde Thraam) and a (completely unknown-to-her at time of the first one\\\’s inception) CHORONZON project of more recent and prolific activity with a unique style merging black metal, goth-rock and industrial noise, originating in Florida (P. Emerson Williams.)

Thraam\\\’s work had ended after a single release, Zero Divided by Infinity, a DIY cassette of which only nine copies were made and only six sold by consignment before a theft of a suitcase on a Greyhound bus caused its master tape to be lost forevermore.

Around this time Monde was zipping thisaway and that on the internet one day and discovered that her CHORONZON was not the only one shouting a joyous noise unto the Void.

She was dumbstruck. Surely, though, hers had been first. She contacted P. Emerson Williams and told her story. He wrote her back and explained that his, too, was incepted in the middle of the 1980s. What remained to do?

Thankfully, there was no battle over the name…

The first Choronzon release as the two made one is New World Chaos, an epic two-part album in which one half was directed by Williams and the other half by Thraam; it seemed, though, as if the whole thing were directed by CHORONZON.

In essence, this is three projects: the two as individuals, and the mergence which is three. Since CHORONZON\\\’s number is 333 that sounds like Choronzonic math, most definitely.

-Encyclopedia Metallum
released 26 July 2012

Directorship, Armatures, Vox: Demitria Monde Thraam

Additive Layerings + Vox: P. Emerson Williams

Visual Art: Demitria Monde Thraam, P. Emerson Williams

Cryptovox / Ritual Activation: The Xenodimensional CHORONZON

Additional Textualities: Eianorange, Pvra Dalem


.01. Stretchawake
.02. Atomsweight
.03. Current
.04. Forewarning
.05. Buttonpushers
.06. Obeah : Removing
(a) Graven Owl
(b) Weaving Spiders
.07. Reaping the Whirlwind
.08. Mutagenerator
.09. Enigmatic Theomorphisms
.10. Transduction of Indweller
.11. New World Chaos
(a)Ghost Dance Redux
(b)Revolution 333
.12. Mater Mundi
(Words: Pvra Dalem / Oration: D.M. Thraam)

The music is an entirely new genre: Xeno, meaning from somewhere else entirely, and it certainly fits. Choronzon is said to actually create it alongside the two three-dimensional members, and when hearing it, one might not have that hard time believing it. The sound is a sort of “industrial psychedelia” – or would that be “psychedelic industrial”? – evolving constantly, and containing weird, disembodied, barely imperceptible voices male and female weaving in and out of the noise, voices that seem to say different things upon subsequent listenings. It’s the digital equivalent of “electronic voice phenomenon”, or EVP – that “voices of the dead” trip that was a bit of a fad with the seance- oriented crowd in the early 20th century; Thraam says we can either think of it as some kind of techno-glitch or as the Voice of Choronzon, it matters not. It’s pretty obvious what she thinks.

The other strange thing about this act is the natural disasters. Thraam’s initial project – referred to on the site as “Choronzon West” finished its first album, Zero Divided by Infinity – 45 minutes before the Loma Prieta earthquake which shook her home city of San Francisco to the tune of 7.0 on the Richter Scale. Her occultist friends started giving her wide berth around then, but it was still regarded as “a weird coincidence.” In 2005, the combined Choronzons first opus, a double album called New World Chaos, was completed on the last day of August, 2005 – the day Katrina went aground- not only that, but the area struck by the hurricane was positioned right between Choronzons East and West. The two creators must have felt something strange about this, since they devoted several months’ worth of sales to the Katrina relief funds. New World Chaos is a documentation of several “effectuations” or rituals done as psionic war against the Con (or “Overcontrol”) and included a strike on Bohemian Grove in July (“Weaving Spiders”) and a very weird melding-together of unlikely bedfellows – Tanya Hearst and Karl Rove (“Buttonpushers”.) The other half of the album (“Complicity Simplexity) is less meta-political, more metasexual, and seems to revolve around experiences with xenodimensional incubi and succubi (like, perhaps, the namesake, maybe?) “Undergoing Overcoming” stands out hereâ?¦the pounding of a tympani and Williams’ layers of growly cryptic vocals urge on the shivers.

Who knows what these crazies will do next? Or what disaster will subsequently strike once they do it? With all the truly uninteresting music out there, with seemingly no reason to exist, if you seek the truly weird, not the “weird-just- to-get-attention” you will want to look here.

-The High Weirdness Project
released 25 July 2012


. A Vision Based Upon Itself .

Directorship, Armatures + Vox: P. Emerson Williams

Additive Layering, Art + Conceptual Interpretations: Demitria Monde Thraam

Cryptovox / Ritual Activation: The Xenodimensional CHORONZON