Eschaton & Celebration

Eschaton (Noun) – From Ancient Greek ἔσχατον
(eskhaton), neuter singular of ἔσχατος (eskhatos, “last”).
(New Testament) day at the end of time following
Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all
individual humans according to the good and evil of their
earthly lives. (literally) the last; used in theology to refer
to the world’s state during the posthistoric era of God’s
overt (apocalyptic) reign, immediately preceding the end
of the world.

Celebration (Noun) – The formal performance of a solemn
rite, such as Christian sacrament – The observance of a
holiday or feast day, as by solemnities – The act, process of
showing appreciation, gratitude and/or remembrance,
notably as a social event.- A social gathering for
entertainment and fun; a party.

After completing a tour of the US and Europe with
Jarboe, head necrofuturist of Veil of Thorns, P. Emerson
Williams gathered impressions, thoughts and notes written
down along the way to bring the whole into the twisted
form of Eschaton & Celebration.

Veil of Thorns are known for covering much ground
sonically and conceptually. There is the punk-noir and
lyrical meditations on being an outsider and lubrication of
the wheels of empire on Vampire Wars. There is the
musical hall of mirrors and dispatches from the charred
fields of the apocalypsis of the act of artistic creation found
on the twin albums Necrofuturist and Salon Apocalypse.

Eschaton & Celebration opens up to an experience of the
final stage of apocalypse. This is a journey into the heart of
chaos that indeed does celebrate the end of everything
familiar in cultural, spiritual and physical reality itself.
released 05 June 2014

P. Emerson Williams – Vocals, Guitar, bass, cello, keyboards, programming
Ruddy Bitch – Drums, Electronic Soundwaves, percussive Manipulations

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