Emotional Hunger / Wartorn Void

It was 1994 and CHORONZON had been with me for a long while by this point and informed every part of what I did with the project. Four of the tracks recorded during these sessions went out to ‘zines under the name “Emotional Hunger”, but there was a ton of other material that was shared with closer associates in the form you find here.

In a way, I think the heavy parts work better on this demo than some of the later recordings, due perhaps to the limits of 8-track reel to reel. I was also wearing my Celtic Frost and Voivod influences on my sleeve.

Listen to this back to back with 2010′s Choronzon album “Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths” and you’ll find there is a consistency of feel and aesthetic. Some of the earlier rawness is returning even as the abyss deepens.

-Towards Chaos
released 01 January 1994

P. Emerson Williams – Vocals, Guitars, Synth, programming