Veil Of Thorns

An Exchange with Mick Mercer brought up the fact that I had, through odd circumstances and band personnel issues , no longer had a copy of the debut Veil Of Thorns  demo.  Nor was the DAT tape with the mixdown in my possession.  “How you musicians can let things like this happen.  I don’t understand” said he.   That led me to dig through 4 and 8 track master tapes to see what I still had.  No longer having the equipment to play this stuff, I had to do some serious beatmapping and quantizing, but left rehearsal complex ambentia, artifacts and tape quirks.

The debut demo from Veil of thorns, recorded in 1991 on primitive equipment in a basement rehearsal complex in Boston. Instrumental tracks were recorded all at once on two tracks using two ribbon mikes and a direct line for Ruddy Bitch, leaving the other two for vocals and a couple additional guitars.

The noise of other bands can be heard at quiet moments.
released 01 January 1991

Bass – Catherine Chenoweth
Drums – Ruddy Bitch
Guitar – Jarrett Laitinen
Guitar, Vocals – P. Emerson Williams