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Choronzon are an American band whose twin roots lie in industrial and black metal music. They began as two separate and entirely unrelated bands with the same name: the eastern half was a Florida based black metal-styled band formed in 1986 by P. Emerson Williams, while its western counterpart was the San Francisco old school industrial project of Demitria Monde Thraam. In 2002, the two respective Choronzons became aware of each other via the internet, and agreed to share use of the name, before going still further and collaborating musically.

Prior to the merging of Choronzons, the East Coast Choronzon released of a series of self produced cassettes before being signed to the record label Nocturnal Art Productions in 1998, and released the album Magog Agog. Three more albums followed, in which the sound moved further away from conventional black metal into industrial and experimental territories. The first release from the conjoined Choronzon was the double album New World Chaos, produced in 2005, whose recording was completed mere hours before Hurrican Katrina made landfall.

The current lineup of Choronzon is P. Emerson Williams (Guitars, Bass, Vocals), Demitria Monde Thraam (Software synthesizers, effects and samples, Vocals), and Voland (Bass, Vocals).


Arcanum Ab Chao

Revelations Of Power

Tactical Magick Technology



Ziggurat Of Dead Shibboleths


Vox Inferni

Panic Pandemic


New World Chaos

Psychosis Ex Machina

Era Vulgaris

Magog Agog


In My On Lifeblood I Exult To Float

Torn Away


In The Halls

Voices In The Storm

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