End Of The Beginning

Few people heard this at the time. Within days of the conclusion of the recording sessions, Jarrett was gone and Cathy was on her way to New York with the two previous masters, all Veil of Thorns related artwork and a few rough demos in her bags. Christopher (Dogface) McClain was to step in and Veil of Thorns would start showing a new focus.

Already the vocals were less operatic, and there is even a hint of pop songwriting, something that was not to be revisited until much later on Birthed.

End Of The Beginning /CD

Released:  2009

Label:  Foamin’ Bone Productions

Performers: Ruddy Bitch,  P. Emerson Williams, Cathy Chenoweth

Track Listing:

  1. Obsession (8:32)
  2. Left Behind (4:32)
  3. Flames Caress (3:25)
  4. She (Poison Dance) (4:18)
  5. Awakening (7:03)
  6. Dead God (Healing Dance) (7:11)
  7. Back to the Sun (4:39)
  8. The End of the Beginning (7:25)
  9. First Dissolution (11:36)