An Excursion Coming Up In June: DARK MOFO, Hobart, Tasmania


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IMG_20160517_114746 (2)IMG_20160517_114521 (2)In June I’ll be making my first ever foray downunder for a performance with Jarboe as part of DARK MOFO, a massive annual event brought to us by MONA, Hobart’s lovely Museum of Old and New Art.

I’ve been working on sonic and visual aspects of the performance for a while and can’t wait to see it all come together. The entire festival will be an amazing experience, and this evening promises to be intense and memorable, with JG Thirlwell, Jarboe with me on guitar and winding up with Chelsea Wolfe.

Saith the DARK MOFO site:

Friday 17 June, 7.30pm
Odeon Theatre
$49 + Booking Fee

An American dark-rock sorceress exploring the space between asleep and awake, one moody ballad at a time. Supported by Swans and Neurosis collaborator, Jarboe, and Brooklyn-based avant-garde composer, JG Thirlwell.

— Australian Exclusive

Based in New-York since 1983, JG and his aliases (Manorexia, Foetus, Steroid Maximus and Clint Ruin) have produced more than thirty albums which are dramatically confusing for an ear accustomed to the standards of adult cartoons. As a producer-arranger for Nine Inch Nails, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Lydia Lunch, Coil, Nick Cave and the Swans, he has created many rare acoustical phenomenons. At LUFF he will be playing his piece “Cholera Nocebo” –the harmful version of musical cholera’s placebo effect.

Gallery, by Mathew Scaletta

Hie thee hence to read Gallery by Mathew Scaletta, a fasc8inating story I had the great privilege to illustrate over on Lackington’s Magazine!



Alright, so… Three loves. Three and only three, got it? Well, maybe four, if I count myself, but I suppose I wouldn’t be standing here, talking to you, about to do this, if that were true.

Three tragic, Shakespearean loves.

Fairy-tale loves. The Grimm originals, though, not the bowdlerized versions fed to us girls when we’re little.

Wait, scratch all that. Thinking about it now, with us four so far gone on bloom, these loves, they were Dionysian. Wild and hungry.

So, three heart-rending, loins-afire, down-on-your-knees, blood-under-your-fingernails loves.

An honest love. A brotherly love. A bewitching, illogical, life-affirming/destroying love.

The first, Shaun, I met while working at Starbucks. I was his manager. Working the night shift, we’d pop petals and fuck in the storage closet, blooming like hyacinths. We moved in together. We adopted a French bulldog. A boring, predictable, stable, and wonderful love. He introduced me to my…

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