Study In Decay

To much time after the debut and many dive bars and biker rallies later we got this tape together to show a few radio dj’s who were asking where we were going.  We didn’t end up going there, but this remains a snapshot of a band that was moving beyond the basic blueprint and well ahead of future trends.

Recorded in a space upstairs from a row of clubs across the street from Fenway Park.  Lots of commotion and violence to get through the sports crowds to the space and often a chaotic scene with the hardcore band we shared the room with.  Both sides of cassette are identical.

Study In Decay/Cassette

Released:  1992

Label:  Self Released

Performers: Catherine Chenowith, Ruddy Bitch,  Jarrett Laitinen,  P. Emerson Williams

Track Listing:

  1. Study In Decay
  2. You’ll Never Know