P. Emerson Williams
P. Emerson Williams Bio

P. Emerson Williams – Necrofuturist Highwire Artist – Dr. Hyatts Black Book Omega, The Original Falcon Press, 2009

P. Emerson Williams is an artist and illustrator whose work takes shape in physical and digital media, and covers wide modes of expression. His passion is for embodying the mythic in visual media and melding visual art with narrative form. P. Emerson Williams illustrated Bedlam Stories – The Battle for Oz and Wonderland Begins, a novel set in the universe of Bedlam Stories, a twisted world of horror created by cult film director Pearry Teo (The Gene Generation, Necromentia, Witchville). Among a number of projects coming up for P. Emerson Williams in 2015 is Adagio Fine, the first in the Star Crossed Chronicles, a series of heavily illustrated novels penned by occult author Nathan Neuharth and the Tales From When I Had A Face series authored by James Curcio.


As a core member of UK theatrical company FoolishPeople, P. Emerson Williams took on many roles in London produtions of The Basement – Ward 12 – in partnership with Secret Cinema, The Providence Experiments – co-produced with Abattoir PagesMythos Media, A Red Threatening Sky, The Abattoir Pages – presented with Guerilla Zoo, Cirxus and Terra:Extremitas, performed at Amsterdam’s NDSM-werf. These roles includes creating a score for choreographer lohan Stjernholm as part of the production A Red Threatening Sky and a solo musical performance at the famed Horse Hospital in London, creation of soundscapes and scores for every production on which he worked, as well as set and graphic design and on top of all this, Williams was in the cast as both voice actor and live actor.

Williams straddles the worlds of industrial music and black metal, electronic dance to dark Americana to pure goth with Veil of Thorns as well as adding elements of his sonic alchemy as a spice to projects with Sleep Chamber, Manes and more extensively as half of the creative core of kkoagulaa with cern.th.skei from Manes. Recent collaborations include playing cello on UK black metal band Ethernal’s upcoming third album, subverting the nature of guitar playing with industrial noise merchants Dead Skull and a collaboration with avant garde trumpet player Mark Cunningham.

Second Skin In TankP. Emerson Williams is the host of the Necrofuturist Transmission on Nottingham’s Nightbreed Radio, was the editor and producer for Music Tuesdays on Alterati.com, and art director for Weaponized , the publishing imprint of FoolishPeople. Articles and reviews by P. Emerson Williams can be read online at Terrorizer.com, Modern Mythology, Disinfo.com and Intravenous Magazine. His visual art can be seen on book covers and interiors for Original Falcon, Weaponized, and Westgate Press, the pages of magazines including Culture Asylum, Isten ‘zine, Ghastly, and Esoterra , album and CD covers for Rat King, Primordial, Katatonia, Misanthropy Records, SLEEP CHAMBER, Veil of Thorns, Choronzon and kkoagulaa. In 2013, P. Emerson Williams as on guitar and vocals touring with the legendary Jarboe on a tour that took them through the US, Western and Eastern Europe and winding up in Moscow.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey it’s Carl King / AKA Sir Millard Mulch. Do you have any idea where I might find the audio file for that interview I did with you back in 2005 or so?


  2. Site in Beta, ruff ruff site, some of us don’t quite have luxury admin yet, they keep running away screaming or being carted to a safe hospital ward.
    Prepping the part one to send you, four tracks solo as erm…… oops C strikes again. Back to the book cover, a link for your approval shall give it more tricolour. Do you have a preference goth white? Red black black black black grey white, or full-on black metal Hot Pink?
    Co-conspirator, convoluted commenter and overall Chronzon crazed creative walking work of art with tongue firmly in cheek…. ouch bit myself, mmm…. tastes better than my coffee….. Loving the Veil of Thorns.
    Got to leave an over eloquent comment so recall its existence, may give us a giggle tomorrow

    Later, Lilith 🙂

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  3. Thought you’d like this, not on social media anymore, can’t find your email address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAtCif15iGU

    Anna Blume aka Uzpurnis

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    • Oh, aye, I like it very much! Just the name of the project got my attention. I’m playing back video I’m creating for the NecronomiCon performance with the sound of this, and it’s fitting nicely. I hope all is well. (I’m at chaos333[at]gmail, btw.


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