Unveiling The Cover Art I Created For Ptahil – Born Against

The mighty PTAHIL have turned their CD Release Announcement & Cover Premier for their 3rd full-length release, Born Against. I had the distinct honour and enjoyment of creating the cover art for this momentous release, using imagery conjured directly from the abyssical sounds and lyrics. This is extreme metal as it should be played, raw, harrowing and intense. Working from the amazing infernal sonic art of Ptahil brought my own visual art to a new realm.

Ptahil - Born Against

Born Against will be released July 2014 by the Arctic Music Group.

Born Against Cover Art - P. Emerson Williams
Born Against Cover Art – P. Emerson Williams

Ptahil Official Site
Ptahil Official Youtube
Ptahil Official Facebook

Arctic Music Group

Necrofuturist Transmission #57 the passage between worlds

Necrofuturist TRansmission #57 the passage between worlds by Nightbreed Radio - On Demand on Mixcloud

If fears haunted latent second minds, all that horned adversary mythos and disguised emergency as a means to initiate a misguided series in memory carved from actions and necessitating only bound knowledge. The ghosts I trapped in my books could be bound together to make demons and risen to the might of gods. The pleasure cannibals mistook theory for rites they dreamed in errors blackest times. Those fools copied its pages and performed several city Ruining rituals. Invisibles were let loose on your flitting earth, spreading disorder. The attempted use of the handwritten manuscript conspiracies I left with you, that missing cosmic satisfaction where the horrors beheld the heart of hearts in surgical sadness.


Designer Drugs – Crystal
Requiem In White – Centuries
Radio Birdman – Hit Them Again
Toyah – Neon Womb
Naum Gabo And Noton Pevsner – The Realistic Manifesto
P. Emerson Williams – Light His Luminous Dying

Bob Mould With Helen Money

Here’s a performance from Bob Mould with the great Helen Money on cello on Letterman.  A very energizing performance of an excellent track from a great album. Hard to believe it was released 25 years ago. Helen Money played two shows with us on the short tour I played with Jarboe in the Northwest US last year. It was a pleasure to play with such an amazing musician and her set was mindblowing.

Case in point, here’s the most badass thing you’ll see and hear today. Check it out, you’ve been good and you deserve it:

The Return to Grimtown

A free download compilation in which is embedded an early mix of a track from my upcoming album.

They said it couldn’t be done.
Hell. They said it SHOULDN’T be done.

Maybe they were right. Who knows what horrors lie in wait?
But we did it anyway.
We returned to Grimtown.

Get the music at Bandcamp or Mediafire.

1 (o)†HERS – Darkhorse
2 The Deluminated – Xheim
3 Blitzkrieg Baby – Those they Could not Fuck, they killed
4 Blitzkrieg Baby and Corrugator Supercilii – Lipstick on Burnt Lips
5 Farmacia – Oveja Negra
6 The Subterranean – Stalker
7 Qaal – Second Dawn
8 Murmus – Hellboud
9 Ryder Farms – Village of the Crazies
10 Sudokø – Analalvavl
11 Gird_09 – Elioud
12 Proteque – The Last Courage
13 Gyron V – FOTM
14 P. Emerson Williams – Promise
15 Kjøttmeisel – My Beautiful Shellfish

P. Emerson Williams - Fears Sleping Unaware
P. Emerson Williams – Fears Sleping Unaware coming in 2014

Interview with Lethe


an excellent interview with Tor-Helge Skei and Anna Murphy about Lethe. Follow the link to the album. It’s well worth it. There’s a bit of my sounds woven in here and there.

Originally posted on Wonderbox Metal:

Lethe LogoLethe have been responsible for one of the best multi-textural dark-Rock albums of some time in their début album When Dreams Become Nightmares. I asked them some questions to see how it all came about…

Hi! For those who are unfamiliar with your band, introduce yourself!

Tor-Helge Skei (THS): Hi everybody! We are Lethe.. :-) We’re a Norwegian/Swiss band, or project, consisting of Anna Murphy (Eluveitie, solo, Fräkmundt, nucleus torn, and heaps of other bands/projects) and Tor-Helge Skei (Manes, Manii, Kkoagulaa, etc.).

As Lethe is comprised of members of other bands, how did this project come about?

THS: Mostly by chance, actually. I posted something on my blog a while ago, about me thinking abut doing an album of cover songs, and wondering where I could start looking for vocalists and contributors to that. Shortly after, I got an email from Anna, and we almost immediately started working on a few songs (among others, ‘Hutterite…

View original 701 more words



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