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Rebellion Vol. 1 is a compilation lovingly assembled and mastered compilation brought to you by the dedicated and hard working folks at Dark Mother Media. In return for supporting their superlative efforts you get eleven tracks from quite a variety of dark and lovely artists with a beautifully designed pdf booklet with images, lyrics and artist details. I was kindly allowed to slip in an exclusive new tracks from Veil Of Thorns.


1. aeon sable – Visions
2. The Danse Society – Red Light (Shine) (2015 Mix)
3. the Machine in the Garden – Power and Prophecy (Guitarless Mix)
4. Monica Richards – The Bird and The Snake
5. Alchemist Corpse Rite – My Voice In Her Heart
6. Sirène – Chrysanthemum (Raw)
7. The Insight – Drowned
8. Veil of Thorns – Technique Of Desire (Reptile Unit Mix)
9. Red Painted Red – Two
10. Scofferlane – In The Name Of Rebellion
11. Lithos Sarcophagos – The Lost Tribe

About Dark Mother Media:

We listen and read. We review and write. We promote and play. We observe and share. We enjoy all forms of dark media and, when asked, will tell you in detail what we think about various music, games, and webcomics. We are the home of Dark Mother Radio, featuring the best variety of dark alternative, goth, industrial, doom, punk, experimental, darkwave, coldwave, deathrock, and more.

Join Verto Publishing for their month-long celebration of Halloween!

Eyes In The Glass - P. Emerson Williams 2015

Eyes In The Glass – P. Emerson Williams 2015

Gothic Tales of TerrorWith Verto Publishing’s month-long Halloween celebration you shall be treated to serial stories, poems, flash fiction, and artwork from a variety of people. As Verto Publishing so generously bring these creations to chill and delight you, they also published Gothic Tales Of Terror, a wonderful collection of atmospheric and dark tales wherein you can find some of my art.


The Kindle version of Gothic Tales of Terror is now available on Amazon!

Gothic Tales of Terror is a collection of stories and poems about love, tragedy, and the supernatural that scare without gore and envelop you in their dark, eerie mood. If you enjoy classic Victorian gothic horror, you’ll love this collection.

– See more at: http://www.vertopublishing.com/gothic-tales-of-terror.html