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Yea, verily, verily, I say unto you: things have gone quite Lovecraftian around here. And indeed it was thrilling and spine-chilling to be impelled to create these visual pieces for two entities of eldritch strangeness I have long enjoyed and admired from afar.

First off, hie thee hence to Lovecraft eZine Issue #35. Therein you’ll find Eden, a cosmic tale told brilliantly by Tom Lynch for which I created the illustration below. As you already should be doing devour this issue from end to end, support Lovecraft eZine until it bleeds, and then support some more.


Next is a two-parter that warmed my heart and chilled my soul to take on. I summoned the creatures of strange tales, entities of legend and lore, aye none other than the beings inhabiting the vast towers of the Drabblecast and was invited in to illustrate two successive episodes celebrating Lovecraft Month with a portentous reading of The Whisperer In Darkness writ by the hermit of Providence himself! With fevered intensity did mine crabbed hands scrabble across the paper these visual evocations of fungoid horror! Let Norm Sherman awaken cosmic horror in you as he gives voice to this delightfully harrowing tale.

And here too do I say support the Drabblecast with all thine lucre, all thine love and all thine life-force until nothing is left of thy being but a twitching husk baying at the gibbous moon!

The Whisperer In Darkness Pt.1


The Whisperer In Darkness Pt. 2