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It has been a little while since I posted an update. I did go through pages and change things substantially, with a new expanded art gallery, updated music pages which include more album info and full album streams of almost everything, as well as a new video section. Below are a few of the visual projects I’ve been sitting on and there are many more to come about which I can not yet show.

Diodati #1 Cover

Diodati #1 Cover

The first I have to share is a very exciting new project: Diodati, a magazine which, as they out it themselves brings us The Gothic imagined: yesterday, today, tomorrow. The team behind Diodati are shrouded in mystery,  perhaps carrying their arcane tales from a place beyond this dimension. It is my distinct honour to be allowed to create the art for the cover of their premiere issue

Diodati was a villa on the shores of lake Genève where writers, including Mary Shelly and Byron met, wrote, and, basically created genre fiction. We chose the name for the magazine as we wanted it to be a place where the boundaries between different styles and genre might become just a little blurred, and great things result.

There is much being synthesized, cauterized, brutalized and never bowdlerized in the lab at Night Horse Publications, where a wealth of mindblowing and harrowing work from Nathan Neuharth is to come, with much art scrabbling forth from mine own fevered hand to go with it.

Yea, verily, here’s a taste of the visions to come, first In Noctus Solthe ciover art for which practically created itself, not letting me be until it was done:

In Noctus Sol CoverOne part of a series that works on its own, but you’ll find you are impelled to return to this strange and terrifying world over and over again. There is a current here that will crawl under your skin and invade your dreams, inflaming fear and fascination.

This is a supernatural horror story that deals with a financially struggling family moving in with their maternal grandmother for a summer. The house turns out to be haunted but no one except the mentally handicapped uncle and the two young brothers believe this. The grandmother seems to believe it but does not care. The ghosts are always present and watching. Several supernatural/strange events occur until finally one night the parents and some of their AA friends decide to hold a seance for fun. The seance is a disaster.

And also from Nathan Neuharth is Adagio Fine, the first in a series called the Star Crossed Chronicles. I had the distinct pleasure of absorbing the world(s) of Adagio Fine to the point where visions of scenes and characters would flow through my pencil.

Adagio Fine Cover

Adagio Fine Cover

Adagio Fine was visualized by quite a team, with Helmut Racho creating the cover art, Ryuu Matsuda bringing the readers an extensive gallery of character sketches and I had a blast interpreting scenes of the novel in my interior illustrations.

The United States government gathered a group of people with extraordinary abilities together to combat the Nazi’s experimental threats during World War II. These individuals were called mystery heroes by the press. At a later date a common factor would be found in their DNA called the Nephilim Gene. The League of Mystery Heroes was disband by the government at the end of the war. They are brought back together in 1954 by the murder of one of their teammates. They learn the Nazi threat is far from over. Their actions ripple through generations to come.

In 1974 a new generation of mystery heroes emerge to protect the world from heirs of Nazi ideology, the Ultra Gods and their twisted theology. The world is more suspicious of the mystery people.

By 1983 the tension between humans an Nephilim is reaching a breaking point. Revolution and tyranny tangle across the globe as the world is threatened by a crisis that may destroy everyone.

First Antarctic Battle - Interior illustration Adagio Fine - P. Emerson Williams

First Antarctic Battle – Interior illustration Adagio Fine – P. Emerson Williams

I thought back to silver age comics and earlier illustration styles when conceptualizing the earlier scenes, and had complete freedom to call forth Midian, the world between worlds…

Palace Of The Sun, Midian - Interior illustration Adagio Fine - P. Emerson Williams

Palace Of The Sun, Midian – Interior illustration Adagio Fine – P. Emerson Williams

And there’s


The anti-Gnomen Division marches on, and I provided the visual representation of whom the legions of TONTTU are fighting. Leger Des Heils produced and spread the sonic weaponry on heavy 7″ vinyl.

Triple Tonttu