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If fears haunted latent second minds, all that horned adversary mythos and disguised emergency as a means to initiate a misguided series in memory carved from actions and necessitating only bound knowledge. The ghosts I trapped in my books could be bound together to make demons and risen to the might of gods. The pleasure cannibals mistook theory for rites they dreamed in errors blackest times. Those fools copied its pages and performed several city Ruining rituals. Invisibles were let loose on your flitting earth, spreading disorder. The attempted use of the handwritten manuscript conspiracies I left with you, that missing cosmic satisfaction where the horrors beheld the heart of hearts in surgical sadness.


Designer Drugs – Crystal
Requiem In White – Centuries
Radio Birdman – Hit Them Again
Toyah – Neon Womb
Naum Gabo And Noton Pevsner – The Realistic Manifesto
P. Emerson Williams – Light His Luminous Dying