I mostly sat back and took in the fascinating conversation that took place at the RITUAL CVLT BCN PARTY #1 in Bartcelona, but I did put my oar in a couple times. Many thanks to the Cvlt and audience in Barcelona for a fantastic experience.

[Spanish translation here]

Dear acolytes,

Here’s the complete transcription of the conversation we held with Jarboe, Mark Cunningham, Rider G Omega (Obsidian Kingdom), Peter Emerson Williams, and David Sabaté (Mondo Sonoro), during the latest Ritual Cvlt Party #1.


David Sabaté (Mondo Sonoro): Jarboe and Mark, how did you two meet each other?

Jarboe: When I first went to New York City in 1984, Mark was the first person that Michael (Gira) introduced me to.

Mark Cunningham: I don’t remember that…

Jarboe: (laughs) I know you don’t. I think it was in St. Mark’s Bookshop or something like this. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was St. Mark’s Books, in the original location.

Mark: Yeah, that’s where I was working.

Jarboe: I know; you were working there and I was living there, and I was introduced to you and I was…

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