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A bunch of my art is available for real bargains over at PANICMACHINE, and I’ll be adding much more this week.  There’s a deal for the month of August that anyone who buys a piece will get download codes for five albums from PANICMACHINE. Proceeds will go to funding my round the world tour with Jarboe, so if you choose to add P. Emerson art to your collections now, you get lots of free music and help make something really amazing happen.

Stemmene I Bølgene

Stemmene I Bølgene – acrylic painting – P. Emerson Williams 2013

Here are two paintings, one from a while ago and one brand new. There is a stack of drawing about a hundred deep beside me here that shall be scanned and posted for sale shortly.

Svevende Og Utslitt

Svevende Og Utslitt
acrylic painting
P. Emerson Williams 2002