Some thoughts from the great John Zewizz on the extensive history of SLEEP CHAMBER>


I Started SLEEP CHAMBER in early 1982. Some 30 years later I look at “current” INDUSTRIAL MUSIC sites and do not find us mentioned anywhere. Its like a bad joke…no one iz laughing. I do not do my musick or entertaining for any reason but to follow my WILL. I know the millions ov hours spent on a life time project that involved hundreds ov people.all over the world….From SOUTH AFRICA to ISRAEL…CHINA to SAN FRANCISCO…SWEDEN to DALLAS….BOSTON to LIMA,PERU….The Musickal releases just touch on 20 Vinyl releases, 30 CD/DVD releases…an at least 100 cassettes. They all had to go somewhere. Most people who are not involved with the actual life ov making musick or entertaining have not a clue the amount ov time and effort involved with such a commitment. Like I said I did this for my own purpose. It turned into my life without me even seeing…

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