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As the dates on posts will show, I have neglected this blog for most of 2012 thus far. I have been doing tons of work behind the scenes at Inner-X-Musick and the new label PANICMACHINE and I have been writing. Here’s a quick rundown of what I scribbled for Dominion Magazine in the first half of this year:

The Valley Of The Shadows And Beyond – An Interview With She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge made a big impact with their eponymous debut album just a couple short years after their formation. This kicked off years of hard work, both on the road, and in the studio bringing them to audiences far beyond what a post punk/darkwave act can usually expect to reach. In interviews She Wants Revenge‘s core duo of Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin show very eloquently their love of and passion for music and the artists that inspired them. What grows out of this inspiration is an organic bloom that is very much their own.

Valleyheart is a love letter from She Wants Revenge to San Fernando Valley where they grew up. Not everyone could write so lovingly about the place they came from, so I wonder if this love for their roots is something they arrived at over time after travelling far and wide, or if they had this appreciation for where they came from all along. “Everything that contributed to the artists we are today”, says Adam Bravin, “we learned about while growing up in the San Fernando Valley, it help shaped who we are today. All the music, all the movies, the people, the experiences of youth, they all took place in the San Fernando Valley. We have always been in love with where we’re from and decided it would be amazing if we could make an album that would be an homage to that place and pay our respects to the place that influenced us in so many amazing ways.”

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Pop Go The Witches – An Interview With Heretics

Heretics - Witch Pop


Armed with brooding sawtooth synth bass and just enough reverb to create an expansive sonic space for their songs to unfold, Heretics bring strong songwriting uncommon in witch house. At the same time they deliver songs with an organic, dark atmosphere that is all their own. As flowers will bloom in the cracks of the most desolate parking lot, so does art in the bleakest of times. The aforementioned flower may not be a deliberate protest against the pavement, but it demonstrates eloquently the unstoppable nature of life and creation. Since their inception in 2010 Heretics have seductuve black blooms in the dark light of post-punk, synth pop and witch house. I got the opportunity to ask Heretics’ David Whiting a few questions.

Heretics have been and will continue to find themselves on the bill with many well established and popular acts including Xymox, Method Cell and the upcoming show with She Wants Revenge. I ask what the reception has been like from the audience of very popular acts. “It’s been surprisingly good actually. There’s something intrinsic to audiences in the Goth scene which you don’t get it a lot of other circles, where people are really open-minded to hearing something new.” A good thing to hear, and an encouraging contradiction to the charge of musical conservatism sometime lobbed at the goth scene. “As Heretics is the first music I’ve been involved with which fits into that scene”, David continues “it’s been really nice to have so many people listening to what you’re doing and judging on its own merit.”

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Tongue – At the Beginning…

AF-MUSIC/Zorch Factory Records

Opening up a short release with the entire “I’m mad as hell” speach from the movie Network might be a little excessive, but the tone of defiance it sets is backed up by six high energy tracks that match the sentiment. Tongue, being from the Czech Republic, may not have seen the clip as many times as some of us in the States. Not a day goes by without one of my yank friends posting the clip. We’re mad as hell over here, but we’re taking it…

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A Rainy Day in Bergen – S/T

A Rainy Day In Bergen


I grew up in Bergen, Norway and I can attest to their rainy days in Bergen. Many rainy days. It has been said that one day there was a surge of reports of UFO’s over the city. Upon investigation it turned out people had seen the sun showing faintly through the cloud cover. One might not expect that it is an Italian band that goes by this name, but each song would fit very well with the kind of video that has the singer declaiming head up, arms out in pouring rain.

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Pwin Teaks And The Children Of The New H – Kosmische Puppen LP

Phantasma Disques

Pwin Teaks And The Children Of The New H - Kosmische Puppen LP

Formerly known as Pwin ▲▲ Teaks, a moniker emblematic of Witch House’s Twin Peaks fetish. Twin Peaks references are manifest in sound and image in many a Phantasma Disques endeavour, but have shown a much wider set of interests over the course of past releases. In their best moments their combination of hazy soundscapes, pulsing delays and spoken word cutups can bring to mind early experiments of Nurse With Wound or Seven From Life, though largely simpler, and easier to digest.

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Phantasma Disques

Mater Suspiria Vision

You drop the tab and as you feel the first lift the clockwork elves appear, pour you a drink. They chatter playfully and wind up the music box. You hear a soothing voice you can’t quite understand and then the clockwork elves seize you and open up your third eye with a long, narrow dagger. Your surroundings once so familiar that you no longer noticed any part in detail is now populated with figures of haunting and haunted glamour. Mannequins seem to be sentient and eyes of living people betray no conscious thought. There is something terrible lurking beyond vision and sound. This thing that can not be described is not a beast out of Lovecraft, nor is it the usual petty and violent criminal figures of fear. The journey into the world of Inverted Triangle III has begun.

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