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Keep an eye out for a new label that has one of those rare commodities in this business: vision. The first release is from BALEYYG – a tremendous monolith  of avant-garde heaviness that has been in the works since 2010.

Those of you who have last year’s CHORONZON – FIAT NOX may hear a subtle shift in my sonic tapestry on that release. That came about in part from working so closely with Nic Le Ban on BALEYYG material. Having built a bit of a world in my creative sphere through CHORONZON, Veil of Thorns as well as adding elements of this as a spice to projects with SLEEPCHAMBER, MANES and more extensively as half of the kkore of KKAOGULAA it was very enlightening and expansive to my own art to step into someone elses singularly visionary universe.

Says the label statement:

93A is an avant-garde Atlanta record label specializing in obscure, esoteric music and sound-art. We are a small label established primarily in digital releases at this time. Limited edition eco-digi’s and vinyl rule our world…

BALEYYG is an avant-garde creative continuum evoking diverse elements of experimental and underground music projected through the canon of sound art. In it’s earliest days, BALEYYG began as a conceptual creative space of guitar blackened death doom devastations… an awakening unto the ruin and devastation of a modern world that has lost it’s way, and a wandering among the ruins of a lesser reality. Since the inception of this creative idea many years ago, it has expanded into a broader area and continues to evolve upon its own specific creative path. BALEYYG is not a “band” in the typical sense, and neither is the reference uniquely of Norse origin. The imagery and allegorical content are instead a meta-cosmic creative logos that serve as a creative vehicle for the expression of this sound-art.

Beyond this, there is a CHORONZON/BALEYYG split release in the works! You heard it here first. Keep an eye on the PANICMACHINE label for this release, which promises to be an intense sonic magick adventure.

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