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Aiight, getting back into the swing of things here… there are many things a-brewin’ in the background, some of which you’ll know is a created experience brought to you by me and teams of which I am part. Some things you will not know you are into until you’re deep down the hole…

Instead of a huge, rambling monster of a post, I’ll begin with the latest. One of the many projects coming this year from Modern Mythology is now published. Hot on the trail of The Immanence of Myth, we bring you a companion work gathered and edited from the writings that were posted to ModernMythology.net in the course of 2011. Here you’ll find a distillation and thorough analysis of the stories being told now, as well as insights into and dissection of the methods and nature of how we understand these stories and how we create our own on a personal and cultural basis.

Apocalyptic ImaginarySo saith co-author and editor James Curcio:

I’m happy to announce that the 1st print edition of Apocalyptic Imaginary is now available. You can order it direct or on Amazon. ($18) It is also available on Kindle. ($2.99)

I just got my copies of this, and it looks nice. There are a few very minor aesthetic tweaks that I intend to make for the 2nd edition, but none of them are things that would probably even be noticed by most readers.

More about this book:

This book captures and expands upon the unique commentary and analysis that has helped define the Modern Mythology project in 2011. Through the voices of many contributors, we collectively take a hard look at the blurred lines between narrative and truth, philosophy and literature, personal history and cultural memory. All of this is done with an eye towards the imagined apocalypse that is always just around the corner.
Authored by James Curcio, Edited by James Curcio, Edited by Michael Tesney, Authored with Peter Emerson Williams, Rowan Tepper, Mr VI, Rusty Shackleford, David Metcalfe, Wes Unruh, Gunther Sonenfeld, Doctor Adventure, and Brian George.

Seriously, check this one out. Whether you’re a writer, artist, musician, or just curious about how your ideas play into the world you live in, this book should give food for thought for years to come.

This book will be featured in the upcoming class at SUNY Binghamton, “The Apocalypse of Love.” Also, if these subjects herein interest you and you’d like a deeper look, check out The Immanence of Myth, published by Weaponized this past September.

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