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Just a quick note that might end up long on a few things going on, completed and just starting. First off:

Inner-X-Musick Iz Back!!!

We have Choronzon – Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths, Veil of Thorns – Necrofuturist, Veil of Thorns – Salon Apocalypse available on CD again and more coming. Watch out for Choronzon – FIAT NOX on CD and a brand new releases from the infamous SLEEPCHAMBER, called SCOPOLAMINE, which includes one P. Emerson Williams among performers.

Hie thee hence to innerxmusick.com and check it out.

Veil of Thorns – Vampire Wars Is Now Available On CD

We have the CD of the Vampire Wars album available now for a special price of $5. You can go purchase the CD here. Soon the CD and “pay what you want” digital versions will be made available through Inner-X-Musick.

8,632 Downloads and counting! Veil of Thorns – Vampire Wars

A huge thanks to those of you who have downloaded this album and shared it with fiends & foes. We’re proud to find that as of this week, more than 6,000 of you have downloaded it. (Not counting the music blogs and Russian file sharing sites. They use their own uploads and we have no way of knowing how many downloads, or even how many sites are hosting this release by now.)

Of course, the free download option will continue to be available for as long as the sites and trackers hosting them exist.

Megaupload Link

Torrent Link

And in a related note:

There is a brand new Veilofthorns.com

Nattehimmel Sound & Vision

Nattehimmel Sound & Vision

Will be Distributing several releases, including selections from the Veil of Thorns and Choronzon back catalogues. What is most notable is their incredible selection of out of print and rare Industrial and experimental musick releases on CD, vinyl, cassette and DVD.

Modern Mythology Are in the Midst of a Year-End Fundraiser

Observant readers may have noticed me mentioning this before. Right now I’m in the process of tweeting every one of the 300+ articles that have run on modernmythology.net in 2011. Think of how much work that entails, and then consider that there were three books published already this year, and an anthology on its way. Then there’s the music.

[Check out some of the books, albums, and soon movies produced by Mythos Media and our various media partners.]