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Tier Four – Benefactor: $100 You will receive: 1. an early eCopy release of the Best of Modern mythology. 2. limited edition, signed print versions of previous Mythos Media releases. 3. Special thanks in the final release of the Best of Modern Mythology anthology. PLEASE include email and mailing address to receive all benefits.

To show you where the funds go, here’s a short list of some of what we have done this year, what we have in production and a small part of what’s to come. See, the thing is, it’s not in our nature to put something together over the course of a year and then spend the next two pimping it out. We will stand on being producers, but we’re not natural born (killer) salespeople… Nobody pays for the production of the work anymore, the money’s in the means of dissemination and a promise for “exposure”. Just watch, this model is coming to a line of work near you, along with more unpaid interns and jailhouse production lines. Until we can hire people to drag our work to the streetcorner and make it work it, we rely on your support to keep going.

So, here, check it, y’all:

Modern MythologyCitizen Y: Blueprint of a Ritual Experience is published by Weaponized. It is a script, but moreover, the blueprint for an initiation ceremony relevant to post-history. Check it out. ($15)

The Immanence of Myth is also published by Weaponized. It uses a deep but also conversational, honest and even subversive approach towards looking at the issue of mythology in our lives, especially as this almost 500 pg. oversize book moves towards personal mythology and conversations with current mythic artists. ($25)

The Best Of Modern Mythology 2011. Editor supreme James Curcio has decided. Mythos Media will be publishing an eBook featuring polished versions of some of what he considers to be the best articles that we’ve run on Modern Mythology site in 2011. The eBook will sell for $.99 through Smashwords, and will go towards the costs of running and maintaining the site, and promoting our mutual work. If it does well we may publish a paperback and/or hardcover. Keep some of your holiday spending money aside for this.

Fallen Nation: Party At The World’s End Is now available at a low, low price from Amazon.com. This novel is intended to be the opening volley for a post-history, transmedia narrative that James Curcio has been planning these past few years. Listen: don’t worry. It’s got tits and machine guns, too.

Hoodoo Engine‘s Murder The World, after almost 3 years of work, is about to burst forth, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life… This album is a machine-metal tour through a terrain of conspiracy theories and cult leaders. Right now, check out their debut, EgoWhore. ($.99 / track or $10 for the CD.)

Looking towards 2012:

I am working with Pearry Teo on the Bedlam Stories production team, including Chad Michael Ward and James Curcio. I can’t say more than that at this time, but it looks like it will be a really exciting project to be involved in.

We’re in the early stages of the production of Nyssa, which is the illustrated prequel / sequel to Fallen Nation: Party At The World’s End.

Says James Curcio:

I hope you are as excited about this material as we are. Please support the work, so there can be more of it. If you write reviews or have other involvement with the media/press, please contact me, as there is a lot of need to spread the word about all this work.

Stay tuned, for we’re about to announce additions to the premiums supporters will be receiving. There may be a number of surprizes coming to you generous, adventurous souls.