Industrial DissolutionIf you want to see where your coutry is headed in the next five years, look to the state of the culture and those who produce it. Artists are the canaries in the coalmine. Artists will be shut out first on the march towards totalitarianism. First the creative, hard to control individuals need to be put on the defensive, made to think more about whether they can survive than is good for their work. 

First, they removed the poets from the national conversation. I was not a poet, so I said nothing….

And any consideration of art or philosophy becomes indefensible, as I touched upon in Is It Art? Is IT Legal? Is It, Bugger… on the kkoagublogg:

It’s kind of a bourgeois thing to sit and speculate on w(h)ither art?, declare this form or that form dead, and debating back and forth to estimate the time of death. Hey, it’s all dead and in ruins along with the future, literacy and quite likely the industry currently eating up your time in exchange for the means and permission to stay alive for your natural span and do so in sheltered accomodations, owned or rented. The future is here, the future once promised is dead, long live the future, dead music and all.

It may be a stretch, but as I see it, the life is being wring from culture, as life giving qualities is being removed from the food. Well, here’s an offering made, and a curse placed. Of course from a group of artists:

5th public Curse on the Most hated corporation in the world the Monsanto corporation that makes genetically modified foods that cause real health problems. Up to 90% of what Americans eat is genetically modified.

Performance with Jeanelle Mastema & Halie Koehler. Music by USAF, Adam Cooper Terán and John Gross

Watch it until you vibrate with its current, and you’ll be a conduit for the rebuilding. It is audacious to ask “What is Art?”, to devote ones energies to it, unless sanctioned by the 1%, but our survival depends on it.

Trailer for the documentary “What is ART? Inside the Mind of the Artist as They Speak the Truth” by Steven Johnson Leyba featuring H.R.Giger, Genesis P-Orridge, Howard Bloom, Joe Coleman, Richard Metzger, David J, Mark Bode and more answer the difficult questions, what is Art?what is TRUE ART?, what is the difference between art and entertainment?, what is more important the artist or the art? Is art important?


Inside the mind of the artist as they speak the truth
Director: Steven Johnson Leyba
Studio: Coyote
Producer: Coyote
Starring: ARTISTS
Genre: Documentary
Rated: R
Region coded: region 0
Run time: 2 hours – 20 minutes
Catalog #: SJL01
UPC bar code: 885007122548
Disc: dvd
Release date: July 19 2010
Opinion based documentary on the subject of “WHAT IS ART?”

Audio addenda:

Doc Hammer @ Dragoncon mp3

Fiction in the Age of Inequality mp3