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Concise Noise Fractionale Ltd. is an independent audio collective of unsigned various artists interested in exposure through numbers.

The genres represented here are eclectic or even difficult to pigeon-hole, ranging from random noise to methodical notation, but usually it’s a combination of both. Ultimately, there are no pretenses of preferred style.

Composed by Scott Gallant & Matt Davis in 1998.

Noise End Rapture is a project best defined as Melodic Soundscape, standard musical instruments were modified. Sound-generating devices included effects pedals, samplers, and delay echoes, all of which were either cheap or cheaply rigged. A wide variety of unorthodox appliances and electronics were also miked whenever its sonancy was appropriate.

Video produced by Scott Gallant

Contributing artists:
Scott Gallant
Matt Davis
Steven Robichaud
Andy Sawyer
Devin Stevens
Allison Lahikanen
Shad Mosher
Nick Dooley
Justin Karoway-Waterhouse.

Represented Projects:
Noise End Rapture
Vanish Hall
This Music Sucks
Mad Shad (5H4D)
Sun Tunnel
The Cold
Ugly Things


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