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David B. Metcalfe of www.ModernMythology.Net discusses DARPA’s metaphor program, Napoleon Hill’s occult background, the band Killing Joke & much more. All music tracks on David’s soundcloud: davidbmetcalfe 

“David Metcalfe Interview” (Rev.R4D4) / CC BY-NC 3.0

Fundraiser for 2012

Modern Mythology
Modern Mythology is seeking to crowdsource funding through IndieGoGo in order to keep publishing thought-provoking pieces on pop culture philosophy and social commentary, and to keep expanding our audience. There are tons of old, dead philosophers with books enshrined in the academic sphere. Modern Mythology takes a hammer and chisel to the “ivory tower” idea of academic research–the pantheon of philosophers of the past–and carves the voices of the new generation, sublime and ridiculous, into the side of that shrine, half graffiti, half sculpture, half literature, half philosophy, but in all cases necessary in order to truly explore the worlds we live in.

Help us keep this literary and mental machine going by contributing and get some perks as a thank you!
The funds we are raising are for :

1. The published release of the “Best of Modern Mythology 2011” anthology, which covers a wide range of important topics from the arts, culture, literature, all with our eclectic and often irreverent edge. We will be pushing to get it in classrooms, along with our first anthology (“The Immanence of Myth”) published by Weaponized, which is already being used as curriculum material in “The Apocalyptic Imaginary” at SUNY Binghamton.

2. Extended production for the launch of a Modern Mythology podcast. (Funds will allow for us to provide on-site coverage and extend production.)

3. The funds will also be used to spread awareness of all elements of this project– brochures, flyers, and presence at relevant conventions and conferences in 2012.

4. Web hosting, domain, etc.

Check it out.

Every little bit helps! Minimum donation just $1.
Modern Mythology – http://www.modernmythology.net