For those SLEEPCHAMBER fans out there, a little note to tell you some of what’s coming. The following is the recently posted official statement from John Zewizz:

SLEEPCHAMBER haz acquired  “The John Zewizz Appreciation Society”  site.  Upkumming additions include a Price Guide for INNER-X Releases and all SLEEPCHAMBER products…press info on upkumming CD’s  “Scopolomine”  and  “Sentapeed”.

The first CD iz polyrhythmic dark moody songz like  “Snake Eyes”,  “Jezabell”,  “Belladonna”,  “Scopolomine”,  “Lennon Dream 23”  and more.  The second CD iz one ov their darker instrumental dreamscapes.  Also weekly updates – new and old video downloads, Q & A  Section,  and a Retail Section with many sales. 

It will also include new photos ov INNER-X Studio,  SLEEPCHAMBER and more.  A complete Women Ov The SS update, new philosophy writings and Blood Art Sigils by John Zewizz,  and much more!!

Keep up with updates on Scopolomine, Sentapeed and much more forthcoming @ sleepchamber.info.