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I’m very happy to be able at this point to point you towards something that begins to hint at the vast world created by artistic brothers in arms and co-conspirators James Curcio and Jason Stackhouse. More than building a mythos, follow the story that is unfolding and you’ll see what transmedia can do. Nay, you’ll be cast into the works of the machine and you will end up seeing the gears you didn’t know were there, turning to create the movements and to spin you in your pre-determined axis. The abyss gazes into you from the tracks of subQtaneous, and watch the lakes of the hell THEY built of you and your ancestors as the stories in the novels reflect the burning light back into their depths.

Fallen Nation

To quote:

Fallen Nation Party At The World’s End:

Fallen Nation Party At The World’s End is a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with a group of young, escaped mental patients that come to realize—or believe—that they are demigods. They form Babylon, a band that captures the spirit of the age as sex, drugs and chaos reign in the final years of the American Empire. Audiobook chapters with full original soundtracks. Related musical artifacts


subQtaneous was described by Scenery magazine as a “stick of dynamite strapped to reality.” It is a concept album, based on the idea of the gradual decline of the American empire, enmeshed, as it were, in many of the same myths which gave birth to Fallen Nation.

Credits released 01 July 2005 Production: James Curcio, Ari. Musicians: Various. (See the individual tracks for credits.

There are P. Emersonisms to be found in the sounds of subQtaneous, and perhaps some sonic input to come in the audiobook. Those of you who have been with me for a while may remember the early chapters of Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning that I narrated and the Mythos Media collective scored that went out in the early days of alterati.com.

Well, just you wait for what’s coming…

if this sounds like something you would want to be in on, read on. James Curcio has issued a call to arms:

Fallen Nation Audiobook

Calling all cars!I’ve set up the bandcamp to begin releasing the chapters of the Fallen Nation: Party At The World’s End audiobook as unique albums (one per chapter). Some old albums and collaborations that tie into the narratives of the novel are included on that page, but the real purpose of that page is for the audiobook albums.These will have a great deal of original soundtrack material. I already have many hours of material from my work and past collaborations with many other musicians, but there is still plenty of room for new material- your own, or for us to work on together.

I am not aware of anyone else having done an audiobook like this before. (Though it wouldn’t stop me if someone has.)

Contact me if you have material you’d like included. It is preferable if you can provide it as .wav or .aif though high res .mp3 can work.