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“Have you ever had a dream so strange and unusual you felt that it wasn’t your own?”


Stronheim’s Village – $500 / £310

For braving to venture to Stronheim’s village, you will choose a framed photograph by DOP Yiannis Katsaris from the story world to take home as a souvenir and an invitation to the Theatre of Manifestationworkshop. You will also receive two tickets to the live event screening the film, a collector’s edition DVD of ‘Strange Factories’ and a thank you in credits.

You are at the heart of our story and we have left a space for you to interact with our film and venture into Stronheim’s strange world. In addition to thesubscription of experiences you will receive, you can also send in details of dreams, stories and secrets to the switchboard, and enter yourself into Stronheim’s Tombola to win a weekend away to his mansion in the Czech countryside.

Stronheim's tombola
Image by Bettina Fung Wan Shan

Strange Factories on Indiegogo

Strange Factories on Indiegogo

Tune it to our second 48 hour tweetathon next Friday 15th July- Sunday 17th July to hear some of FoolishPeople’s stories and secrets as well as our audience.

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