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You’ll have to make a move right now on this one, for the number of slots is limited and they’re filling up fast. No matter what form of art you create, learning about Theatre of Manifestation will add a new dimension to every creative act on which you embark.

-P. Emerson Williams

For Milestone V of our campaign for ‘Strange Factories’, FoolishPeople will be running a professional theatre and arts workshops in London in August, with the proceeds going directly into our funding campaign for ‘Strange Factories’.

This is a rare opportunity for actors, performers and artists to introduce themselves to the core techniques and concepts of FP’s working practice, Theatre of Manifestation.

Theatre of Manifestation combines mythology, shamanism, drama therapy and open source collaboration to create immersive experiences that have the power to raise a numinous experience within the audience. It dismantles the notion of the spectator being a passive recipient of a theatrical experience; active engagement and participation is vital and absolutely necessary.

The workshop will take place on Saturday 13thAugust from 10am-6pm in central London, venue TBC. Over the course of the day, you will work withJohn Harrigan, Artistic Director and founder of FoolishPeople to explore the core techniques and skills needed within immersive theatre and how you can unlock and open the essence of your imagination and creativity.

You will be taught techniques to dismantle creative blocks, attain a truthful performance and formulate new ideas and processes for each project you undertake. This will offer participants a focused framework for their continuing artistic development.

This workshop will leave you feeling confident and empowered with new skills and techniques that you can apply to your own working practice within a variety of mediums and performance styles. 

This workshop is open to all arts professionals and those interested in exploring their creativity.

Previous workshops have been held in collaboration with organisations such as the University of Hertfordshire, the BBC and The Central School of Speech & Drama.

You can book onto this course online via our online funding campaignwww.indiegogo.com/strangefactories

You can purchase your ticket in two ways:

Spaces are limited- there are 10 places available.

You just need to scroll down and enter $60 into the total contribution amount, enter your personal details and choose payment method.

Alternatively, please contact us to arrange a bank transfer in GBP.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, please e-mail us at switchboard@strangefactories.com.

Once the workshop date has been sold out, we will make an announcement on our update page, so be sure to check this before you book your place. Please note, invoices can be provided for the workshop for either payment method.

The Village Pub

Milestone V: The barman gives you a strange-coloured spirit on the house, which you down in one. “That’s the way to do it!” As you start to hallucinate, you will meet Punch, who adds your name to the list of attendees for the Theatre of Manifestation Workshop by Director John Harrigan that he tells you explores FoolishPeople’s working practice. As you stumble out, you’ll also find a pair of tickets to the live event screening the film & a DVD copy of ‘Strange Factories’ in your bag.

Photography by Yiannis Katsaris, Director of Photography for ‘Strange Factories’

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