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Follow @foolishpeople on twitter. In progress is the Strange Factories Secrets, Dreams and Storytelling Tweetathon, in which we’re making worlds overlap. Let us pour the myths and stories we live into a common vessel.

“Words administer existence, yet also deliver oblivion.” – Victor
This short video introduces you to Victor, a story maker haunted and obsessed by a mysterious fiction, played by the founder of FoolishPeople John Harrigan, who created and developed FoolishPeople’s working practice ‘Theatre of Manifestation’ over the last twenty years.

‘Strange Factories’ is FoolishPeople’s first feature film, which explores the power of stories and myths and how they are ultimately given life by those who engage with them.

We would like you to become part of our story. You’re a crucial element of how this project is produced, created and experienced.

Join our IndieGoGo campaign and enter Stronheim’s tombola to become a part of ‘Strange Factories’.