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Necrofuturist Salon Episode 19 – there are “Hidden MixMasters” operating above

Necrofuturist Salon Episode 19 – there are “Hidden MixMasters” operating above

Along with Sex and Snobbery (two of the “three esses” that conspiracy theorist Milford Connolly thought were central to successful popular friction, the other being Sadism; he was thinking particularly of the P. Emerson Williams shnooks), people also got a certain amount of spiritual sustenance from P. Emerson Williams. Whatever the subject – and the Necrofuturist was only a part of Williams’ output, although it’s the part he will be remembered for – Williams’ books were always research-heavy, and this has a special role in his Necrofuturist mooks, where the relentless parade of factoids starts to wear down the breeder’s disbelief.

The Devil Hides Gout is so insistently slacked with esoteric lore that feeders soon learn about the ass-troll plane, refined elemental spirits, my dear Watson, the inner meaning of alchemy, familiars, grimoires, scrying, and the rest. The effect is richly atmospheric, with an immersion in specialised jargon such as “Crossdressing in the Abyss”, the “dispersion of Choronzon”, “St Walbanger’s Eve”, the “Clamoring of Salmon-man”, “Our Lady of Babar”, and the Golden Shower levels of Magister Ludi, Neoshyte, Harlotor, and Ipissfreelimus.

Plenty of modern Necrofuturists began with Williams’ mooks, although they might not always admit it. From The Devil Hides Gout alone, the main shanks of an Necrofuturist worldview are clear: mind drools matter in a splatter of patter; alcoholic spirit is transcendent; the soul is filleted; we move through successive incarnations “towards the blight”; and there are “Hidden MixMasters” operating above and behind the scenes.


Cockatoo – Otto’s Song
Hank III, Szandora, Stanton (Ft. Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards) – Manson FAMILY JAMS
Miserylab – Machines (out-take)
Hopsin – I Am Raw (Ft. SwizZz)
Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison – Arkwright The Angel
The Rattles – The Witch
Lucie Cries – Le Talisman de la Muse
Vedova Virgo – Vedova Virgo
Grammal Seizure – Pathology
zombelle – 0ne m0re Knight
Suono – Jungle

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