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Some of the input I’m shutting the tabs on as I move on to digestion mode. What is more interesting – the issues raised in these articles or the story-scape they all contribute to. (Or do they really relate at all?

Is the use of assistants in the creation of art still common? there’s something very 1980’s about that…

The Art Assembly Line

It’s a phenomenon that’s rarely discussed in the art world: The new work on a gallery wall wasn’t necessarily painted by the artist who signed it. Some well-known artists, such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons, openly employ small armies of assistants to do their paintings and sculptures. Others hire help more quietly.

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“Vainglory,” an anachronistic term meaning an unjustified and excessive pride in one’s own achievements or abilities is one of the primary forces animating and shaping contemporary culture. The phenomena that is American Idol owes its considerable popularity both to its role in discovering legitimate, almost freakishly superhuman singing skill, but also as a window into contemporary culture’s vainglorious soul.


A Call to Arms (In the War Between Art and Survival)

If you haven’t noticed, there is an ancient and ongoing war between Art and Survival.

And yes, I’m serious. It is a War — and Art has been losing. Whether we are writers, painters, directors, actors, poets, dancers, or musicians, the artists of the world face a fundamental problem: we live in a society in which Art has little value. No amount of ambitious self-hypnotism or L.A.-style positive affirmation can change that. Since we were children, our behavior has been modified by rewards and punishments. And in modern society, we primarily respond to a form of social conditioning called Money.

Tied to the Wheel

Tied to the Wheel - P. Emerson Williams 1994


CLICK THIS? MySpace & the Pornography of Corporately Controlled Virtual Life

I also wrote fictional pieces about myself and some of the regulars who contributed comments to my blog. In doing this I often adopted postmodern literary techniques, by for example taking newspaper stories and adapting names and other details to make them about me and my readers. For example: “A kinky sex escapade ended this week with the electrocution death of a Belfast man and the arrest of his boyfriend for manslaughter.