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Please Stand By. Those who have contributed to the manufacturing process of ‘Strange Factories’ will soon receive Radiogram 1, containing pertinent data to aid your Field Study. If you also require delivery of Radiogram 1 then sign up forthwith for Milestone I

Radiogram 1

Emma – Strange Factories from FoolishPeople on Vimeo.

“I know why I existed. There’s so many that don’t, some are even born half imagined.” – Emma

This short video introduces you to the mysterious and alluring Emma, a character of Strange Factories, played by FoolishPeople core member Rachael Blyth.

Strange Factories is FoolishPeople’s first feature film, which explores the power of stories and myths and how they are ultimately given life by those who engage with them.

We would like you to become part of our story. You’re a crucial element of how this project is produced, created and experienced.

Join our IndieGoGo campaign and become a part of the ‘Strange Factories’ story.