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Well, well, well…

dominion does take a good drubbing over at that’s how kids die blog. This post is from a while ago, but in light of the accusation that we’re 25 years late to the party, finding this a few months later shows that we’re catching up…

After bashing the current scene for Hot Topic outfitted kids (do they still carry anything for the young mall-goth there?) and goth-metal (I have to agree there) the kindly author proceeds to list a few mainstream examples as goth’s glorious past. you guessed it – Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy (from Floodland, natch – one infected by Jim Steinman of Meatloaf fame that more hard core goffs warmed to only after the horrendous misadventure that was “Vision Thing”, The Cure… He does get points for Alien Sex Fiend and The Birthday party, though.

Two pieces I wrote for Dominion may bring our agitated friend some comfort:

Long Live the New Goth Flesh

Skrewed, Witch-Brewed and K■nf▼zed

Ignore the Machine: The Death of Gothic Rock. I'm a fan of gothic rock.  Well, not what passes for gothic rock these days.  No, I'm definitely not referring to the dolled-up tarts that Terrorizer Magazine wastes valuable pages on with their uber-lame magazine-within-a-magazine known as Dominion, which should probably be re-titled Eyeliner-Wearing Attention Whores Monthly. But it isn't real … Read More

via that's how kids die.