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John Harrigan lets us in on the writing of Strange Factories and his thoughts on the vital role of stories in being human. It is my distinct privilege to be involved in the art of John Harrigan and FoolishPeople. Any encounter with John’s creations is an active participation, and that is one of the many unique and profound aspects that makes this living art such an amazing transformative experience.

Read on and look into the heart of creativity.

Storyteller: On the writing of 'Strange Factories' by John Harrigan Storyteller. · ‘Strange Factories’ is an independent feature film that tells the story of a writer trying to unfold the mystery of a fable in a world haunted by a phantasmagoric fiction. My work as writer and director on ‘Strange Factories’ has afforded me the time to reflect on what it is to be a storyteller. In turn I’ve felt a deep connection grow within to the history of storytelling and the storytellers who left us long ago, but perhaps stil … Read More

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