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Many thanks to hosts Peggy and Bruno for being the first to spin a track from the forthcoming Choronzon album FIAT NOX which is out now on Amazon.com and is coming in four days to iTunes.

Choronzon - FIAT NOX (2011)

Choronzon - FIAT NOX (2011)

Kicks is a weekly radio show on Radio Centraal in Antwerp, Belgium specialized in various underground cultures from the whole world. On air since 1989! Kicks broadcasts every Wednesday from 20:30CET till 22:30CET.

Playlist Kicks 01/06/2011:

Abstract Spirit: Horror Vacui (Horror Vacui – Solitude Productions)
MRT: The Wait (inTERRiOR – Dark:Scene)
Choronzon: Strange Corridors (Fiat Nox – FSR)
Satanochio: The Endangered Convicted (The Endangered Convicted – Asiluum)
Norbert Krief: How does it feel (Nono – XIII Bis records)
Murw: Geen weg meer terug dus recht door zee (In de mond van het onbekende wacht een oceaan – Heidens Hart)
Pierre Labbé + 12: Lavra (Tremblement de fer – Ambiances Magnétiques)
Heavy Lord: Balls To All (Balls To All – Solitude Productions)
ABSUM: Isrevinu Ilellarap (Enoisnemid Avitagen EP – DarkEyes S-P)
Dark Confessions: Centuries of blood (Century of blood – Dark Confessions)
Matthieu Choux: Nu Descendant Un Escalier (Op. 2) (Deux Pièces – Petcord)
Framferd: Med Blottet Nakke (Satanized/Framferd/Plutonian Shore/Katari – Nocturnal Tyrants – Extreminal Productions)
Magenta Harvest: Spawn Of Neglect (A Familiar Room Demo 2011 – Magenta Harvest)
mACACO mAU: Wired (bLAST tHE cOVER-uP # a – mACACO mAU)

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