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The Choronzon Demon(N) Box, which collects the seven demos from before Magog Agog. Taken from various sources from 1/4» reels to DAT tapes to loving FLAC rips that were sent in a manner of someone sharing state secrets. All were digitally remastered and expanded in some cases. This limited edition includes seven CD’s in individually hand-painted boxes.

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The Demo(N) Box Includes the following releases:

Voices in the Storm (1986)

Choronzon - Voices in the Storm (1986)

Choronzon - Voices in the Storm (1986)

The year – 86 – the initial inspiration of an intelligence far beyond the ken of the young Emerson. the co-conspirators who were not let in on the plans recorded a very different set of sounds.

Raw material of guitar-bass-drums-vox were separated and individually put through tortures – dragged through the Abyss if you will…

Individual sounds and habits were stretched and layered upon themselves. Utilizing two tape decks – an 8-track reel to reel recorder and sounds rerouted through amplifiers and fed again through delays and reverb into the final master. Other unsavory acts committed in the making of this recording shall not be detailed here…

-P. Emerson Williams
Anno 2010 Era Vulgaris

Recorded at puresound studio
Deconstructed and reformulated at 333 studio boston
Originally released to inner circle on cassette
Cassettes were wrapped in painted silk
Mastered at foamin’ south studio
Art and design by P. Emerson Williams

P. Emerson Williams – vox, guitars, keys, tapes, loops
Ned Wahl – bass
Todd Dadaleares – vox
Dennis Creaser – drumsChoronzon – crypt-ovo


Voice 33:30
Storm 44:40

Choronzon – In The Halls (1987)

Choronzon - In The Halls (1987)

Choronzon - In The Halls (1987)

This is where the tone was set for the metal oriented releases. The sound is basically Black Thrash, but the drum machine is introduced and pushed to the limit. The desire to make the fast sections chaotic led to the drum patterns to be full on blast beats, which was not common in 1987. Vicious Thrash punishment is embedded in ritual ambient soundscapes.

Label: Choronzon Self-released
Catalog#: FOAMIN341
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released: 1987
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal


Invocation Avocation

Credits: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Programmed By – P. Emerson Williams

Cassettes were wrapped in painted silk, each one unique.

Dispersion (1988)

Choronzon - Dispersion (1988)

Choronzon - Dispersion (1988)

Recorded live in a cave. Those assembled were not an audience, but active participants in the ritual melee. The recording was captured through a network of ribbon and contact microphones spread throughout and recorded on a vintage 1/4» reel. Cassette copies were run off for participants on the spot and no other distribution happened until this digital remastered edition.

A1 Dispersion – 00:33:32
B1 Dispersion – 00:43:27

Label: Not On Label (Choronzon Self-released)
Catalog#: none
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released: 1988
Genre: Rock
Style: Ritual Ambient

Cassettes were wrapped in painted silk, each one unique.

Torn Away (1989)

Choronzon - Torn Away (1989)

Choronzon - Torn Away (1989)

Torn Away is a release that was something I thought was lost forever. Thank you pirate people, music traders, torrenters. Due to some odd circumstances, disasters large and small, I have lost any master tapes and copies of several demos over the years. (There remains about 500 hours of music I have yet to master and release. We’ll see.)

Disclosing the circumstances that brought this back to me would compromise the individuals involved and reveal things that need to be hidden until they are writ large in the skies…


So much more…

Track list:

1. Slowly Unfold
2. A.\’.A.\’.1.1
3. Ravages Outside Time
4. Inner Universe
5. 2012EV
6. Torn Away From Existance

In My Own Lifeblood I Exult to Float (1991)

In My Own Lifeblood I Exult to Float (1991)

In My Own Lifeblood I Exult to Float (1991)

I’ll quote the source I got this back from but I have to ask: for the Market? Is this person taking the piss? Doesn’t matter, thirty-three copies were handed out one enchanted evening. All present were anonymous, so when the master tape was lost, I never thought I’d hear this again. I didn’t title this collection, but the original torrenter called it that, so I figured I’d create a cover. Some of you may recall the image.

Quoth the source of my prodigal demon child:

Year: 1991


1: In My Own Life Blood I Exult To Float
2: Cruel and Epicene
3: Agony and Bliss
4: Visitation of Dread Desire
5: Crossing the Abyss

Length: 00:49:54

This is some very primitive and even more lysergic Black Metal. The final track sounds like tape manipulation done in a parking garage. In comparison to the only publicly traded demo they did before they signed to Nocturnal Art, this is much rawer and less “experimental” and more experimental, if you know what I mean. For the later demo they seemed to be trying to pull in Throbbing Gristle fans with their electronics and cutup arrangements.

I’m guessing that at this point Mr. Williams was just starting to consider making this project something for the market, though the vocals still sound more like incantations from rituals and do not necessarily make for the best rockin’ entertainment.

A very hard tape to get a hold of, as he was still only giving copies to persons present at the event itself. The individual who passed this on to me told me it was recorded in a network of underground caverns under the city of Providence, RI. As with anything that has to do with Choronzon and P. Emerson Williams, there’s no way to verify the stories.

My source for this recording refuses to tell me who he is or how he obtained it. Apparently some were injured in the process of the performance and were considered to be chosen and special for the experience. I used to run into people from this strange cult a lot back in the nineties, but they must all be locked away by now.

Wartorn Void (1994)

Choronzon - Wartorn Void (1994)

Choronzon - Wartorn Void (1994)

It was 1994 and Choronzon the entity had been with me for a long while by this point and informed every part of what I did with the project. Four of the tracks recorded during these sessions went out to ‘zines under the name “Emotional Hunger”, but there was a ton of other material that was shared with closer associates in the form you find here.

In a way, I think the heavy parts work better on this demo than some of the later recordings, due perhaps to the limits of 8-track reel to reel. I was also wearing my Celtic Frost and Voivod influences on my sleeve.

Listen to this back to back with 2010’s Choronzon album “Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths” and you’ll find there is a consistency of feel and aesthetic. Some of the earlier rawness is returning even as the abyss deepens.

-Towards Chaos


1. Intro
2. Justified Resistance
3. Beyond the Light
4. Wartorn
5. Rust and Oil
6. Maanebesatt
7. Obsession
8. Ukjent av Kaos Trans.I

Choronzon - 333 (1996)

Choronzon - 333 (1996)

A Lord of Chaos, Choronzon (whose cabalistic number is 333), has been following me around for a while, ever since I summoned him forth, in the shadow state between dreams and waking. It’s disturbing when something from the land of Morpheus breaks through, and you get a tape from a local band that has named itself (coincidently, of course) after the very demon who has been wreaking havoc in your life. Choronzon (the band) is P. Emerson Williams, also of Veil of Thorns, and he obviously knows the occult arts. I’m assuming he’s a Thelemite, because one of the songs is called “Perdurabo”, a pseudonym of Aleister Crowley’s.

In any case, the music is HEAVY. thick, dark and raging. The songs are a caustic liquid, dripping from my speakers like rivers of fire, howling and shrieking in anger and torment. Drum beats loop on top of one another, twisting themselves into a rope that the music can climb on (although I’m looking forward to when Williams gets a live drummer(s), because for all the creative intricacies in the music, the rhythms are too mechanical at times).

Dense guitar crunch permeates the album, throwing a few technical metal riffs, and the vocals seem to have been ripped from the throat of 333 himself.

If you want to delve into the world of unconscious terror, or think that you’ve heard the deepest and heaviest metal has gotten, get this tape. But be prepared for little “accidents” to follow you around for a while.

-Lex Marburger/Lollipop Magazine

Track List:

Heksene Paa Lyderhorn
Ukjent Av Kaos
Morgana (Evighet)