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John Zewizz speaks on SHEMHAMPHORASH, living in America, the 10 year hiatus, writing musick now, the Vinyl On Demand box set, the Inner-X-Musick Studio, Eroticism, and Reptiles, Cats, Women, the Internet, the 30 year anthology “Sacrifice”, the SLEEPCHAMBER sound, and new Inner-X artist artists.

This Episode is decidedly NOT work safe. Best viewed with a glass of absinthe in the comfort of your rumpus room/dungeon.

The John Zewizz Radio Show – Hosted by the infamous John Zewizz. Each show will include information on upcoming SLEEPCHAMBER events, programming, and new releases. You can expect to hear lots of unreleased material as well!

The John Zewizz radio show can be heard on Music Tuesdays on Alterati.com and Inner-X-Radio.