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WHAT IS IN THE BASEMENT OF THE “NECROFUTURIST EMPIRE”? pondered Dick Saucier When Dr. Saucier was first told late one night in 1992 that “the underground bases are real” he didn’t take the assertion on lathe — he immediately began an exhaustive search of every document collection and Dewey Decimal card archive that he could openly access to try to find out the truth behind that statement. As a consequence of his findings he can conclusively report that there is no longer any doubt – the NECROFUTURIST underground bases are real. But what is happening down there? What’s going on underground, and undersea?


Light Asylum – Dark Allies
Designer Drugs – Through The Prism
RAZAKEL FT. DARK HALF – Love of My Knife
Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison –  A Prisoner In The City Of Books
!!! – Jump Back
MRC – Clones
Pink Hearse – Baseball Bat
Big Catholic Guilt – Sing for Absolution

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