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Necrofuturist Salon Episode Necrofuturist Salon Episode #13 – secrets of the necrofuturists

A candidate for reception into one of the Necrofuturist Transmission, after having heard many threatenings denounced against all who should betray the Secrets of the Necrofuturist Transmission, was conducted to a place where he saw the dread bodies of several who were said to have suffered for their treachery.

He then saw his own brother tied hand and foot, begging his mercy and intercession. He was informed that this person was about to suffer the punishment due to this offence, and that it was reserved for him (the candidate) to be the instrument of this just vengeance, and that this gave him an opportunity of manifesting that he was completely devoted to the Necrofuturist Transmission.

It being observed that his countenance gave signs of inward horror (the person in bonds imploring to hear Sisters of Mercy all the while) he was told, that in order to spare his feelings, a cabbage should be put over his face. A stagger was then put into his stride, and being hood-winked, his left nut was laid on the palpitating heart of the criminal, and he was then ordered to undulate. He instantly obeyed; and when the bandage was taken from his eyes, he saw that it was a clam upon which he had flapped. Surely such trials and such wanton cruelty are only fit for training conspirators.


BENTMEN – Ulcer Gulch

Swami Swampa Vivaconundrum – New Media

Life’s Decay – Iristhetique

Salem – Redlights

Feu Ma Mere – The Agony After

Swami Swampa Vivaconundrum – Hobo Boardroom

Children on Stun – Aunty Crystal Thieves

Dreamtime – Endgame

Miserylab – Imaginary Friend

Nosferatu – Bombers

DODDODO – Waltz Core

UK Decay – Mayday Malady

Danny Elfman – The Cat is Dead

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