As I organize and prioritize work coming up next year, I’m looking back at 2010 thinking I’ve made more art of various modes than I’d realized. Some of the pre production on work brought out this year was initiated in 2009 or earlier, though not as much as one might think. If I were to go into detail on each project, I would have to break this post down into (at least) a week-long series. Instead, I’m going to skip a number of things I did and just bring the highlights in quick succession.

First up – The Music:

kkoagulaa - Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgikkoagulaa - Impressions of Ardour2010 began with the release of «Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi» by kkoagulaa on Avantgarde Music, followed swifly by the «Impressions of Ardour» EP. With the help of close collaborators and extra vocal input from Kvarforth of Shining (Swe), we turned in a listening experience that had reviewers waxing poetic in an effort to describe the sounds contained therein. The releases are but the tip of the iceberg of the work ccernn and I initiated, but they represent a solidification of a philosophical experiment.


Veil of Thorns - Necrofuturist«Necrofuturist», the second Veil of Thorns release through the great Inner-X-Musick was next. This continues an onscure story traced on the previous «Salon Apocalypse» album, a story connected to the FoolishPeople production «Abattoir Pages». We’ve just lifted a corner of the curtain on this world. Expect a huge and harrowieng reveal.

John ZewizzI had the great honour to add some cello to 2012, John Zewizz’ first solo album in almost 30 years. I have much to be grateful to John Zewizz for, from his artistic guidance, all the great musick over the years and for being included in this excellent release. More emersonian soundz may show up on a future SLEEPCHAMBER release, but what and where is not yet determined. Their creative process is very intense and heavy with magickal transformations at every turn.


Choronzon - Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths“Extreme assaults ov sharp rhythms, dark beats and atmospheres ov aggression. This releases iz a haunting extreme assault musickally fired by CHORONZON!! Who else can create such an original style ov entertainment!!!” Saith John Zewizz about this release. Every track will have video, a process well on the way to completion by my incredibly creative and visionary friend Ferenc Teglas. What has been shown on the web, while of great quality for web streaming, only hints at the visual feast the DVD will be.

The release of «Ziggurat of Dead Shibboleths» was bracketed by two free Choronzon releases, making up nearly six hours of sounds. Meditate to these and see what happens…

“Vox Inferni”
Choronzon - Vox Inferni


Choronzon - CCCXXXIII

And one other free release was my first dabbling in holiday cheerfulness:

Thee Ex-Karrollerz – «Sado-Claus Iz Kumming»

My sound design and compositions for FoolishPeople productions were released as three CD’s. Cirxus, which is currently available as a download from and «The Abattoir Pages» and «A Red Threatening Sky» CD’s were sold in a bundle with the Veil of Thorns albums «Salon Apocalyse» and «Necrofuturist» along with original art.


Industrial Noise Pollution
With an eclusive track from Choronzon. At first a free download but a price of $5/€3.80 was placed on it when label honcho became aware of the burden of medical costs faced by Phoenix Marie Paris. All fuinds from sales of this compilation will go to help her with vital ongoing medical treatment.

Visit the link below and read the whole story. Thank you in advance if you decide to buy this compilation.


Thee Musick ov Magick

Thee Musick Ov Magick. Featuring tracks bySLEEPCHAMBER, FRzO (Featuring Batcheeba and GIRD_09), Sigillum S, Phallus Dei, Daze Ov Trance, Choronzon, Greyghost, [moss], Veil Of Thorns, and Archangels Of Sex. Cover art and layout by KAYTWO.

Why be Blake when you can be Bleak?
The Bleak Compilation

Why be Blake When You Can Be Bleak?

Another Choronzon track finds itself in amazing company on this compilation.
Download, mp3 files in a zip archive.
Contains: 35+ tracks in three folders (suitable to be burned on 3 CD’s), printable artwork & booklet (pdf).
A limited and numbered handmade promotional edition exists (not for sale) – 3xCDr copies in DVD cover with printed booklet, containing artist infos, discography excerpts, links and background information.
Compiled by Bernhard Hansbauer (Bleak Netlabel)
Artwork by Jonathan Canady (
Mastering, layout, sleeve & liner notes by Bernhard Hansbauer

Bleak Netlabel 2010

Sleep Chamber - Satanic SanctionSATANIC SANCTION
Re-Issue ov the classic 1988 12″ single on Klanggalerie. With Bonus trax! A collection of trax written and rekorded JOHN ZEWIZZ & JONATHAN BRILEY.

I’m not playing on this, of course, but I did the layout and there’s some of my art inside the booklet. A true classic Industrial/Ritual Ambient release that should not be missed.

FoolishPeople and Weaponized

FP started off 2010 in February when we returned to the Old Abattoir with ‘A Red Threatening Sky’, an immersive performance that explored the earliestGnostic traditions of Valentine’s day.

Love. A vicious, bright beast and one of the most interesting forms of idea/deity we’ve worked with. I barely survived love’s rawest essence with sanity intact.

A great deal of time, energy and love wnt into the creation of the Weaponized Imprint, extending the immersive art of FoolishPeople into the realms of publishing. Since the offical launch in August, we’ve published four books. ‘The Sparky Show’ by Xandu Xero, ‘Forum’ byRichard Webb and ‘Cirxus’ and ‘Dead Language’ by John Harrigan.

Cirxus and Dead Language were the first books to be published from FP’s back catalogue of scripts, it’s a misconception that the work of FP is devised. All FoolishPeople projects are developed from a script.

Weaponized has begun the task of releasing the scores and soundscapes that accompany our projects and performances created by me. We’ll be releasing scores and soundscapes created for FP by Sonica Storm in 2011.

2010 also saw the inception of FoolishPeople’s Weaponized podcast, a partnership with Alterati. This is just part of the great body of work I’ve brought out through this year, where I have taken over Tuesdays, focusing mainly on music, but audio theatre finds its way into the Necrofuturist show as well as Weaponized.

Lilith ExperimentThe end of the year has been the busiest period for FoolishPeople. On the 5th of November we launched Test Bed One of ‘The Providence Experiments’.

‘The Providence Experiments’ were a unique series of workshops and events that fused experimentation, visualisation, ritual, psychological intervention and immersive game. Test subjects were thrust into bizarre events that offered participants the opportunity to undergo challenging yet positive artistic transformation. ‘The Providence Experiments’ concluded succesfully with the creation of Rachael Blythe’s ‘Lilith’ performance.




In November I was off to London to be part of FoolishPeople’s partnership with Secret Cinema on their presentation of Milos Forman’s ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I wasn’t asked to go through a pornoscanner, but experiences with security and immigration were very interesting nonetheless.


FP created ‘The Basement’ – Ward 12, which explored the background and history of author Ken Kesey’s participation in the CIA MKULTRA Mind Control experiments conducted at Stanford University on the use of psychoactive drugs such as LSD. This in turn influenced the themes of institutionalization and mind control explored in the book and film.

I headed straight from Heathrow and headed straight to Ladbroke Grove to suit up and step into the addled mind of Dr. Armstrong. We went through three cycles that evening for what I thought was going to be a dress rehearsal, but it turned out to be «media night» with many faces in attendance. Being one who relies on voice and vocal range in acting situations, the challenge was to let this character out with no written lines. (I couldn’t be there for rehearsal and had been preparing off an earlier version of the script.) The energy that was raised was overwhelming and only increased as the week went on. What an amazing experience. I miss being in the same physical space as my brothers and sisters in FoolishPeople more every day.

The Basement

On my last night in London we celebrated the offical launch of Weaponized and the publication of ‘The Sparky Show’ at The Horse Hospital, a venue very important to the mythology of FoolishPeople. And a better conclusion to this part of the FP/Weaponized adventure could not have been more apt. It was truly a privilege and an honor to meet, spend the week and work alongside Xanadu Xero. In the new year we’ll be bringing you some footage of her reading from her amazing work «The Sparky Show», which I had the honor to lay out and orepare for press. You owe it to yourself to get to know her work and you’ll be warmed and inspired by the intensity of her creative flame. John Harrigan proved to be a great master of ceremonies leading the panel discussion concluding the event with Xanadu and me along with authors and artists such as Richard Webb, Paul Bassett Davies and Gabriella Apicella of Storytails.

And I got to meet Kat Orphanides in the flesh, which has to be one of the great highlights of my year. Sometimes one can feel a throusand lifetimes of knowing someone in a split second, and this meeting was just such a connection. It was well worth missing public transportation back to Heathrow and spending the night in Paddington Station to wrest every last second to talk with her. I’m eager for you to let the forthcoming Lilith album engulf you so you can take in her sonic presence.

Other Highlights:

2010 saw the birth of Nightbreed Radio where the Necrofuturist Transmission continued to grow, Inner-X-Musick Radio featuring exclusive recordings from the Inner-X-Musick vaults and shows by me, TheeBradMiller, John Zewizz and a great series by Batcheeba and her partner Gird_09.

When the Necrofuturist show was on I introduced Witch House artists, as far as I know this was the first radio show to do so. On Nightbreed Radio, I managed another Witch House first with Malefica Ex Machina, an extended Witch House mix consisting of thousands of tracks and growing. This can be heard several times a week on


SHORT FILM: THE WALTZ from Chad Michael Ward on Vimeo.

An experimental short film, shot on the Canon 7D.

Written, Shot, Directed & Edited by Chad Michael Ward

Produced by Chad Michael Ward and Geoff Flint

Additional Editing by Pearry Teo & Mary Taylor

Production Design by Geoff Flint

Makeup by Cris Alex & Miss Quinn

Music courtesy of P. Emerson Williams

Starring Asphyxia, Nickie Jean, Alexandra Mathews, Skin and Sparrow.

Copyright 2010 Teo/Ward Productions. All Rights Reserved.


Rebels & DevilsSecrets of Western TantraI created the cover and internal illustrations for the new edition of «Rebels & Devils
The Psychology of Liberation» from Original Falcon, edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.introduced by S. Jason Black foreword by Nicholas Tharcher contributions by William S. Burroughs Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D.Timothy Leary Ph.D., Robert Anton Wilson,Austin Osman Spare, Genesis P-Orridge,Aleister Crowley, Joseph Matheny, Peter J. Carroll, Israel Regardie, Jack Parsons, Phil Hine, Osho, and many others.

Another book cover created was for «Secrets Of Western Tantra – The Sexuality of the Middle Path» by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. introduced by J. M. Spiegelman with a preface by Robert Anton Wilson.

Pacts With the DevilPacts With The Devil
A Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy & Liberation

written by S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. For the first time, a genuine manual of the dreaded “left-hand path.” Braving the new Witchcraft Panic that has swept the world, S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt have written a book that places the Western magical tradition — and the Western psyche — in perspective.

Sweeping aside both the historical fabrications of “neo-paganism” and the rampant mental illness of the religious right, Black and Hyatt explore history, psychology and anthropology to reveal the true “secret doctrine” of Western culture. This work confronts the reader with his own fears and inhibitions — and carries him beyond.

Comprehensively illustrated, this volume contains a detailed history of European “Black Magic” and includes new editions of 17th and 18th century Grimoires with detailed instructions for their use. Extensively illustrated.

Other covers I created are for books to be published in 2011 include:

Confessions of a Black MagicianConfessions of a Black Magician

by Nathan Neuharth

He has everything he should want in life. A good job. A nice home. A nice car. A beautiful wife and family. A retirement plan. An active social life. A prestigious reputation. Envious neighbors. A pet dog. There remains an emptiness inside.

In a search for meaning he begins a journey he cannot return from.

Grasping at everything he can, experiments in ritual magick lead him into the realms of sex, drugs, organized crime, aliens and angels as his life spirals further and further up and down the paths of initiation and illumination while grappling with insanity, annihilation and transformation.


For ongoing developments, keep an eye on,,, and Much in the works, ever expanding, ever deepening.

This is just part of what I produced this year, but it gives a picture of my general direction. Planned for 2011 is the Lilith album from Choronzon, and the Choronzon Demon(N) Box, which collects the seven demos from before Magog Agog digitally remastered and expanded in some cases along with a book all in individually hand-painted boxes. I’m sure there’ll be much more forthcoming from Choronzon. There will be another Veil of Thorns album and in other musick, let me point to BALEYYG.

In the embedded player you can check out all BALEYYG releases thus far and get a taste. Should you shoose to buy these releases, you will be supporting a major artistic, musical and macgickal vernture. It is a thrill to be a part of the next chapter of BALEYYG. I’ve been hard at work with Nic Le Ban and Jarboe on the next and future releases. The live BALEYYG experience is going to be indescribably intense, so keep an eye out for that.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged my humble efforts this year and everyone in my life. Onwards to 2011, towards chaos…