THAT’S ROMANCE…. 1 (2009)

Two many tracks were entered for this simply to be a one download deal. So, the release has been split into two. Assembled by me, and then all artwork was done by P. Emerson Williams. And as anyone who know, who has done artwork for me before – I goof up regularly so the Artwork is never really done…

This release is on the Foamin’ Sodomy Records. And, if it ever gets pressed… that’s it’s label for the pressing as well.

The final deal on the pressing IS….

I will press it at no charge to me. But the only way that you can get a copy is to buy one. I know that sucks… but, what can I say. It’s the best I can do on a budget (did I tell you I am laid off for 50 days.). All the profits will be given to a charity. It is a charity that helps Polar bears. John hooked me up with it. I don’t know the specifics. Because I can’t find them. But I will get it straightened out and up on the page as soon as it is available. There will be no pressing of your musick unless I get an email from you saying I can do it. No email – then your not on the release.

There will be no attempt at a pressing for at least a week, possibly two, until I get all the details worked out and emails in. I will be purchasing 2 copies of each of the two releases to start with. One for me, and one for John Zewizz. By the way, again so everyone knows this release was made with his blessing.

Label: Foamin’ Sodomy Records
Catalog#: FOAMIN999
Format: File/mp3
Country: US
Released: 2009
Genre: Unclassifiable
Style: Unclassifiable

Track Listing;

1 Methel Zone by Tearpalm
2 Kum Kleopatra by Kosmokrator featuring Kat Wild
3 The Nun (Fetish Convent) by Veil Of Thorns
4 Courtfield Road by Salakapakka Sound System
5 Kiss The Whip by Batcheeba
6 Way Ov The Flesh by darksouldealer
7 Inspiration by Noir Magnetik
8 No Ones Heart Beats Harder by Bonequinho
9 Zewizz by Mark Bradley
10 Vivisection by Gadgetto
11 Dream Ov Life by Choronzon
12 Fetish by Grammal Seizure
13 Site Ov Pain/Site Ov Pleasure by 4 Years Of Suffering

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The problem with putting things on to two releases is that people my think that the second release is not as good as the first release. Well, about 10 seconds into this release you will realize that’s not the case. From Stpocold’s hard driving first track all the way through mrtvi hypnotic (and loopable) final track – download two is just as good as download one.

A couple people have mentioned that they want to post the release on their site…

POST IT FAR AND WIDE… let it be like feathers in the wind…

Label: Foamin’ Sodomy Records
Catalog#: FOAMIN1000
Format: File/mp3
Country: US
Released: 2009
Genre: Unclassifiable
Style: Unclassifiable

Track Listing;

1 Nightshade And Lemonade by Stpocold
2 Submit To Desire by Habeeb
3 Bring Us The Nun by Kraken
4 Thee Eye Inside by Black Ark Psychedelick Soul And Jazz Revue
5 Twenty Three by Power Through Will
6 The Distant Cry by @mpersand 2.0
7 Secret Initiation Ov Maiden by Mort Douce
8 Monkeyman by Grimm
9 Kiss The Whip by Gothick
10 Erotik Apparition by Jake Shields
11 El Topo by A Forgotten Tale
12 A Synthetic Woman by The Day Of The Antler
B4 Insufflation by Kryptdust
B5 Forever & A Moment (Loop- 4 clippings, 18 repeatings & 8 voices) by mrtvi

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