Fear and Loathing on the Internet: Redux (Part 2)

Part two of the three part series Fear and Loathing on the Internet: Redux (Part one here) GPod Radio host Joseph Matheny moderates a roundtable discussion on the subject of Myth on the Modern World, with guests: Wes Unruh, James Curcio, John Harrigan, Lucy Allin, P. Emerson Williams and Anna Young. (Note: When I recorded the intros to part one and two, I forgot to mention Wes as a participant in the roundtable. He is however introduced in the actual roundtable piece and is a major contributor to the conversation. My omission was simply due to being overworked with too little time. Hopefully he will not hate me for this oversight. )
Also, the first installment of In Your Ear, some tidbits about the Y project and some ranting and raging in response to the mailbag.
In part three we will introduce another regular segment to the GSpot, A Concise Guide To Setting Yourself On Fire with Kara Rae Garland.
Part Three coming in about 2 weeks. Enjoy!

Fear and Loathing on the Internet: Redux (Part 2) [88:41m] Listen at Alterati