A number of new designs are up at the Manifestation Art store. I’ve been working really hard in the moments I’ve been able to steal to design these lovely things. I’ve been making some changes, some cosmetic, some navigational, and great improvements on designs. I’ll be sure to include some special things and even the odd free media for those who are observant and vigilant.

These pieces were created through deep meditation. I’ve found gazing into the center of several of these images to be conducive to further meditation.

I’ve been categorized as a dark or Gothic artist. (This was before Goth art came to mean fetish photography and nothing else). Well, the visions may at times be harrowing, your greatest fears confronting you. But at the heart, they point the way through. From the first I’ve meditated on birth from death, growth from putrefaction, a single still point within chaos.

A number of people have been asking for posters to be made available of this or that image, as most can’t afford the originals, (though I’m always willing to arrange payment plans), so here are the first. Most of the most popular pieces will be available as we go along here.

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