The following images have sprung out fully formed from my intesification of my practice of meditation, pranayama, and even my getting back to hatha yoga.

I throw these out of my head in quick bouts between working on two movies, my own moving image projects, not included, three comics, (not telling yet), and a sum total of five albums of various styles at diffent points of production.

I thought I’d share a few bits of what I’ve been working on lately, between thinbgs I’m bound by blood oaths not to talk about, extensive research into extreme esoteric number manipulation and viral linguistics.

I had intended to make these and other images available today as posters, but being in the midst of lightning country has made the flickering lights and strobing internet connection way too annoyiing. this’ll be accomplished shortly.

Later on I’ll be telling you about the larger project these images will be part of. I may call for assistance, as well.

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