Frqcast 8.23.06 – Dr. Titan

By the witty text of the email I got, I wasn’t sure if the Frqserver had been infected with one of those poetic spam-spinners, but lo and behold! Here’s a podcast containing an engrossing interview with Toxick Mage Dr.Titan, much Choronzon and other P. Emerson sounds, and a lovely track from subQtaneous.

You can click the link above to hear the podcast, but you owe it to yourself to go to and dive in the deep end.

Below is a picture of me and my Golem awaiting this revelatory transmission:

As I was told:

In just 60 minutes Chris will show you…
“My ‘Paint-By-Numbers’ System For Taking Simple Ideas, Expanding Them,
Focusing Them And Pocketing An Easy 5 Figures A Month (Or More) In Less
Than 3 Days… Guaranteed!

listen now!


Secretary of 23rdia