Several of you reading this are already aware and even involved in, but there are even more who haven’t been let in on it yet.

Much to take in here, and some lovely off-kilter prog deconstruction in this particular podcast.

Some mention of Zappa is made, but I’m thinking of Mahavishnu Orchestra as I listen to the final 20 minute epic that closes out the show. I had never thought I’d find this message embedded in such a baroque, chop-heavy progrock with diggedegackbuggedabuggeda drumming and all the rest.

Listen, go, read the miles of info, get involved.

There is something coming up from frequency23 soon utilizing some P. Emerson sonic manipulations. More on the sonics when the legal team informs me I can talk…

The current show:

Kenchi interviews social metaphysician, composer, and prog rock supervillain Sir Millard Mulch about his secret identity in marketing, the clashing of art and commerce, and his patented 12 step plan for helping YOU to transcend your game reality, make more money doing nothing, get laid more regularly, increase your size three to five inches, and become your own boss for just 222 monthly installments of $19.99. All music featured on this podcast comes from Sir Millard Mulch’s three disc commercial epic “How To Sell The Whole Fucking Universe To Everybody Once and For All” and his self-produced EP “The De-Evolution of Yasmine Bleeth.” (23-06-06)

FrqShow podcast.6.23.06.mp3

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